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About CFS Cluster

Hello,I'm trying to understand the concept of a CFS cluster. What advantage does having a disk mounted simultaneously on two servers in a two-node cluster provide? Could you provide an explanation with an example? Even if a virtual IP is provided, it...

debuginfo files

are debuginfo files required after 1 year as well in /opt/VRTSvxvm location or can they be generated next time we have a troubleshooting session with VERITAS support

Vmwaredisks resource failed

vmwaredisks resource keeps failing with a log error " Failed to decrypt password " Although the password didn't change from VMware side. what we do : -Hit vcsencrypt -agent command and type the actual password and then take the encrypted output passw...

Yasmeen by Level 0
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Telemetry Collector Required?

We are upgrading from Infoscale Availability 7.3.1 to 8.0.2 (RHEL). I'm confused by telemetry collection introduced in 7.4.1. Is it required that telemetry collection be activated during installation?  For security, we run a private network that does...

kc3 by Level 2
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Checking platform version CPI ERROR V-9-0-0

Trying to upgrade from enterprise 7.4.1 to 7.4.2 and getting this error during platform version check? Anybody seen this before or have any ideas where I should start looking?Checking platform version CPI ERROR V-9-0-01 thread 1 threw error: Can't us...

mkeyes5 by Level 1
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Failed to create Veritas Cluster

I have installed the Veritas Infoscale 2019 on my DB nodes. Also, the Disk Groups and Volumes have been set up using VEA. While trying to create a veritas cluster using the Veritas Cluster Wizard, It fails to configure the cluster with the error mess...

fencing driver fail after storage firmware

 In emc unity 380, fencing disk abnormal after firmware.So the b port doesn't go up.Do you have any why this is? this problem occur when the ...


Security Vulnerabilities

We have a set of blades that is running RHEL 7 and the following is installed:VRTSvcs- we ar...

rg664c by Level 2
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Infoscale 7.4.2 VRTSvxvm failed to install

During installation of 7.4.2 on RHEL 8 the installer wrongly reports that VRTSvxvm failed to install.The installer is patched with CPI_7.4.2_P23.plIs there a hotfix available or any other workaround to have the installation correctly reported as this...

Patching the infoscale installer

Quick question:Do I have to run the installer -require path_to_cpi-patch every time I run the installer or is the patch permantly applied to the installer.The documentation unfortunantly leaves this question unanswered.Thanks for your anser

Netbackup reinstallation on VCS infoscale cluster

Hi folks,I have 3 node in VCS infoscale cluster in dc 2 node and dr 1 node on top of that netbackup 8.1.2 installed.In dr node netbackup db and global folder most of the files get missed due to this we unable to failover cluster to Dr node. As per te...

Failed to start vxglm.

Post installing Infosale Enterprise 7.4.2 on Rhel8u5, while configuration the vxglm service fails to start.Tried to start the service manually:[root@host ~]# service vxglm startStarting GLM...ERROR: No appropriate modules found.Error in loading modul...