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Infoscale Ansible Queries

Hello I've read the infoscale ansible guide and wanted to configure a diskgroup and volumes using the templates plublished by @matthewyee http...

RiaanBadenhorst by Moderator
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Resolved! Unable to create a cluster user

Hi, hopefully this is an easy one. I'm setting up a new Infoscale 7.4.2 cluster of two servers running Redhat 7.7.When I attempt to create a cluster user, I get a rather obscure error message. Any idea?# /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hauser -add vcsadmin -priv Ad...

Resolved! Unable to add host in VOM

I am unable to add host into VOM. It is giving error stating host is not reachable.I am able to telnet using port 5634 from host to VOM. But the opposite is not happening.I have also disabled firewall completely. I am trying this on VMware workstatio...

wicky93 by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to install prerequisites for infoscale running rhel 8

I am getting this error messages:ncurses-compat-libs.x86_64*libnsl.x86_64*perl-Exporter.noarch*compat-openssl10.x86_64*ksh.x86_64*perl-Socket.x86_64*I have yum configured but none of these packages are available. Please assist what can be done regard...

wicky93 by Level 3
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VCS Java Console 7.4.1 Windows working only on one cluster node

Hello, I have a Veritas InfoScale 7.4.1 cluster, 2 nodes. I've installed VCS Java Console 7.4.1 on my Win10 desktop. Connecting to Cluster is possible only via first node. If I try connecting with Java Console via second node I'm getting the error:  ...

hb40779 by Level 2
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Resolved! INFOSCALE ASL Support?

Is falcon cdp compatible with veritas vxvm? ++++++INFOMATION++++++++++++++++OS : AIX 7.1 TL5Product : INFOSCALE STORAGE 7.3.1Storage : HITACHI + FALCON CDP 

What is Infoscale Availability from a layman point of view

Hi Everyone,  I'm new to this Community and my requirement is to deploy my application along with Database (both might Inculde HA feature + Database may be Oracle with RAC) on RHEL. So, we wanted to try this on Veritas Cluster server now calling as I...

NVMe drives disappear after upgrade to the RHEL7.7 kernel.

Hi,I'm using Infoscale on RHEL 7.xTonight, as I was running RHEL7.7 with the latest RHEL7.6 kernel, I decided to upgrade to the RHEL7.7 kernel (the only part of 7.7 which was missing). Thishad the nasty side effect of making NVMe drives di...

Veritas Enterprise Administrator - Disks Names are different

Hi All,I'm using VEA to administrer a Veritas SFHA 6.2 system (LINUX, two node system), and in VEA when I look at the disks on node1, it shows the expected names e.g.: "sdx" "sdy" "sdy".On node2, I see the enclosure names e.g.: emc_xxxxI did run vxdm...

Resolved! Infoscale command information

Hi,I need to know if there is a way how to track which disk with UDID is which drive/mount point?I have this exisiting environment with oracle server have storage cluster using infoscale storage foundation but i dont have any information all about th...

MSI_iqbal by Level 5
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Unknown Part in Quotation F51BUZZ0-EI1RE

Hi, can someone help explain this please.we have this item in the quotation:Part # F51BUZZ0-EI1RE"Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation Enterprise 6.0 Unx 10 Spvu Initial Essential 12 Months Support" but it is not reflected in the entitlement certifica...

Ayman1 by Level 0
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