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Hi all,

I have a monitor program which connects to a DBs to ensure the DB is avaialble. This is defined within an application resource where the start / stop and montitorprogram are run using the id "oracle".

All other scripts (start / stop) execute as the oracle user. However, the monitor script fails to use the oracle user, the Application_<*>.log shows the following:

2016/11/24 13:59:33 VCS DBG_1 Application:app_dmprd_oracle:monitor:User is not specified. Using default user root.

Really struggling to find any reason for this.

Many thanks for your help.


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Re: InfoScale 7 - Monitor Program - User

Please share the main.cf, types.cf, monitor script, as well as the engine_a and application log.


Re: InfoScale 7 - Monitor Program - User

Hi Garron,

You should probably step through the VCS wizard. You can run the agent with any account that has the appropiate permissions.


The default account is root but thist can be changed in the wizard.


Re: InfoScale 7 - Monitor Program - User

To monitor a database like Oracle, Sybase, Db2,  you should use database agent for the db as these agents are capable of start/stop/monitor the db on both first and secondary monitoring levels and were fully tested by Veritas.  

Its not really a good idea to implement your own scripts on a prod environament which Veritas does not support it.


Re: InfoScale 7 - Monitor Program - User

Hi Garron,

Yes, it is recommended to use Oracle Agent in VCS to start/stop/monitor of database.

However, if you still want to use Appication agent, You need to check the configuration of Application resource . By looking at the Error, it looks like you have not defined oracle as user in the application resource. 

The Application Resource should look something like below..

Application myapp(
User = "oracle"
StartProgram = "/usr/sbin/myapp start"
StopProgram = "/usr/sbin/myapp stop"
MonitorProgram="/usr/local/bin/myappMonitor all"

Hope this helps.