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Need services to deliver Access in Mexico (remotely)

Hello,Dataprotect is Veritas partner in Mexico and I´e been offering Veritas Access to a customer but there´ no expertise in Latin America yet so I was wondering if anyone knows a partner who could help us size an implement it remotely with our help ...

InfoScale 7.1 on VMware

I am sorry if this question has an obvious answer, but I have searched both Veritas, SORT and VMware for one but have not been able to find anything.A few years ago I set up a VCS evironment containing eight Red Hat 6.x servers in a VMware ESX cluste...

thstettler by Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
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SORT New Release Available at

On Sept 5, 2016, SORT delivered a release with the following features and enhancements. General:Product Feature comparison ( ) enables the comparison among different products or versions and provides the capab...

Jane_M by Level 3
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Resolved! Infoscale (eval) on CentOS 7.1? mentions only RHEL, not CentOS. Fair enough.But I'm just trying to install VxVM on my desktop VM (VMware Workstation 12) before I get acc...

delete by Level 1
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evaluate infoscale

Hi!I installed Veritas InfoScale Solutions evaluate version.When i run next command:vxassist -g dg_first move vol1 '!disk1'i get message:VxVM vxassist ERROR V-5-1-18759 Your license does not include support for Hot relocationget message "Next:vxlicre...

Resolved! Failed to install EAT on system

Am evaluating the Infoscale Availability tool. While install over RHEL6.4(On VMware) getting error says that "Failed to install EAT on system". Tried to install several times after proper uninstall and getting the same. Tried to install on single ser...

SQL Server with Veritas HA

  Hi All, I am configuring SQL Cluster using VERITAS HA and DR replication using VVR, I have configured the cluster and storage as per the cluster implimentation document with same sql instance installations but in SQL Server agent configuration w...

Sajithru by Level 2
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Resolved! Problems installing Infoscale Storage

Hello,   I am having a problem installing Veritas Infoscale Foundation on my openSUSE 12.   Here follows the Iinstaller Summary: The follower warnings were discovered on the system: Veritas Infoscale Enterprise Install did not complete succesfu...

FFpai by Not applicable
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Resolved! New Infoscale v7 Installation - Can't add Hosts

This is a new system of infoscale v7 on RHEL v6. Bidirectional port 5634  is open between the Infoscale  management Server (RHEL) and host. (solaris 10 -sparc). Also one way port 22 is open from mgmt server to managed host. Host has VRTSsfmh runni...

Veritas InfoScale 7.0: Configuring I/O fencing

I/O fencing protects the data on shared disks when nodes in a cluster detect a change in the cluster membership that indicates a split-brain condition. In a partitioned cluster, a split-brain condition occurs where one side of the partition thinks th...

Resolved! VCS cluster manager and VEA, where do they go?

Hi, everybody! I was looking for VCS cluster manager and VEA for download and looks like were removed from the earth!!! has anybody a idea where i could gotten them? Thanks in advanced for your support! Have a nice day.  

Oscar_Tercero by Level 1
Partner Accredited Certified
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Requests "by host" still shows "In Progress"

Using the "deployment -> hot Fixes" option to install package "vom-Patch-" got frozen, the web application restarted and still shows as "In Progress" even after it came back. Checking the server, the version was updated but if we check on t...

Resolved! Infoscale 7 for linux 7.1 is not confiured

Hi,   i am trying to install and configure infoscale 7 on RHEL 7.1 on two physical servers. the product is installed on both nodes , but when trying to cinfigure to fencing mode, i faced an error ,Volume Manger is not runnig, when tried to start...

akassem by Level 2
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veritas infoscale - Error -383-50513-5760

Hi, i need a help. Am trying to add an AIX client and getting the following error. Can anyone help me out please.  Error V-383-50513-5760 Registration with Management Server failed [08/10/2015 15:41:00] [IPofmachine] {"JOB":{"RETURNCODE":-1,"ERRO...

Welcome to the InfoScale Forum - Join the Conversation!

Welcome to the InfoScale Product Forum! Here you can share thoughts, ask questions, and access product experts. Join an existing discussion or start your own. Below you will find some basic information about InfoScale for your reading pleasure. Res...

Kimberley by Level 6
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