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What is Infoscale Availability from a layman point of view

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Hi Everyone,

  I'm new to this Community and my requirement is to deploy my application along with Database (both might Inculde HA feature + Database may be Oracle with RAC) on RHEL. So, we wanted to try this on Veritas Cluster server now calling as Infoscale Availability.

   From a layman point of view, can someone please explain me how Infoscale Availability can help in fulfilling my requirement?

    Is it a kind of clustering software/solution which I need to purchase from Veritas and deploy on my Hardware and configure before installing my application and Database?


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Hi @hanu17trml,

I'm a Veritas Technical Marketing Engineer, so hopefully, I can answer your question.

InfoScale Availability at its core is a bundle of services that monitor and orchestrate the high availability of an application.  More specifically, if you are delve down into the entire InfoScale Product Suite, it is a combination of Veritas Cluster Server and High Availability and Disaster Recovery.  


InfoScale High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) is a combination of Storage Foundation, VCS, and Agents specific to the monitoring of databases like Oracle.

You are probably already aware that Oracle provides an HA solution with Oracle RAC. Veritas works closely with Oracle to engineer interoperability between our respective product sets and officially certify compatibility.

Veritas InfoScale offers an enterprise solution for the deployment of Oracle across the data center that manages and monitors environments consisting of multiple databases and applications configured in multiple tiers. For example, if you have multiple Oracle databases, clustered or not, serving structured data to multiple application servers and web servers, InfoScale can help you manage and orchestrate the failover and failback of all of that infrastructure, within a data center or to a different geographical location.

More specifically, imagine if you have an Oracle database configured as a single instance on a single rhel server.  If you want to make it highly available, you can set up another server, install binaries on it, configure storage and configure InfoScale to monitor the active node and automatically start up the secondary node, and then mount and open the database.

If so desired, InfoScale can provision and manage shared storage with a Clustered File System.  InfoScale can also perform a live migration of your existing database to this new Storage Foundation infrastructure.

InfoScale also has support for cloud deployments and replication to the cloud.  For example, you might decide that you'd like to set up a DR site in Azure/AWS/GCP.  Simply provision the required server clusters and then have InfoScale replicate data (synchronously/asynchronously) and manage HA monitoring and failover.  

So yes, InfoScale Availability can be installed and configured with existing Oracle database deployments but it has many more features than that.

If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact me directly at