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Fujitsu and Veritas deliver valuable joint solutions that drive success for modern businesses

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I recently had the pleasure of representing Veritas in the Fujitsu TechCommunity Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a week full of positive interaction and technical discussion between all of us attending, from reselling to strategic and technology partners. And I must admit, Lisbon is always worth a visit and is one of my favorite cities around the world.

Throughout the week, we discussed industry trends, new developments and also how—together in partnership—we provide solutions to our customers that address the quickly transforming IT landscape.

The event’s keynote sessions were spot-on, with topics related to digital transformation, cloud adoption, new business models in a cloud world, and challenges related to data privacy. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into full play very quickly, many companies struggle to declare GDPR readiness, and they do so for reasons starting with people and process all the way down to the technology layer.

GDPR is one important area where our two companies partner to bring Veritas’ market-leading technology for data classification and data assessment to users of Fujitsu server, storage, and cloud solutions. Be sure to check out our GDPR resources for more information how we can support your GDPR compliance journey and what we do in the Information Governance space.

One of the event’s best keynote sessions highlighted Fujitsu’s leadership with Internet of Things. Specifically, the company showcased a new MQTT gateway device and talked about how it supports digital transformation for a wide range of customers and use cases.

Digital Transformation was also a topic in the breakout session that I led. During my career at Veritas, I’ve had the great honor to be involved in our company’s Agile business transformation, including the important element of employee mindset. (See Lead and Disrupt for a great book that covers why some companies are successful in their transformation and others fail. You will be surprised about the culture element and its influence on success).

There is what I call the Race of the Two: on the one hand we have newly founded companies that have a disruptive, innovative approach; and on the other hand, established companies with decades of history and the power of experience. These latter are also aggressively adopting cloud technologies for the benefits they provide.

At Veritas, we transformed from a technology provider in the data center to a company that puts our core competency of data management into the center of everything we do—from providing services on-premises and in the cloud, to working with legacy databases and applications as well as with the most modern cloud-based solutions, to delivering it all with the user’s choice of a perpetual license or as a subscription. Today, we’re not only able to back up a company’s data (which is, frankly, what most people know us for and where we have a great Fujitsu Veritas partnership with the Veritas NetBackup / Fujitsu CS800 products), but we’re also able to visualize that data and provide insights.

Insights like whether the data contain personal information such as credit card numbers, passport numbers, or social security numbers. And most recently, we´ve developed Information Classifier Technology that enables us to support things like Action on Ingest with our Object Storage. With Action on Ingest, stored data can be examined against regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, or GDPR to provide metadata tags related to the object—and to do it in real time. And that’s just a small taste, as this Object Storage can do even more with protocols like MQTT, Kafka, Thrift, and S3.

At Fujitsu and Veritas, we think about our customers’ businesses and look for areas where we can deliver complete solutions to support their goals. Today, IT involves Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the need to make it all work together in the simplest way possible. In partnership with Fujitsu, we’re dedicated to delivering new approaches that complement one another’s value for the benefit of our joint customers.

To learn more about some of the exciting developments discussed here, be sure to come to the Fujitsu World Tour in New York on May 30th. I’m looking forward to another information-packed event (and to comparing NYC to Lisbon) and hope to see you there!

For those who can’t make it to New York, please visit to learn more about this valuable partnership.