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Meet the Veteran: Iv Simaku

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cindytran_0-1667599454751.jpegAt Veritas, we strive to encourage all our employees to have a winning mindset, foster a sense of community in the workspace, and be a part of our story in solving what no one else can. This includes our military veterans and members of the Veritas Employee Resource Group (ERG), Remembering and Empowering Veterans in Veritas (REVIV). 

Meet Iv Simaku, Senior Principal Tech Support Engineer for Services and Support, who’s been with Veritas for over six years. Iv works within the Subject Matter Expert (SME) group within the Appliances and NetBackup, NetBackup Cloud and Duplication organization. 

Iv served the U.S. Air Force Reserve for eight years. When asked why he enlisted, he stated, “I was a sophomore in college, and I decided I wanted a sense of adventure.” In addition, he described that the experience enabled him to become a more structured person, better organized, and detail oriented. Iv was interested in computers and electronics and being in the U.S.  Air Force allowed him to continue his interests. Iv worked at a restaurant, as a programmer while completing his career, and served his military obligations monthly throughout this time. 

Reflecting on his military service, Iv learned the value of being proficient, and how to earn respect as a good team player and leader. Fortunately, he had no challenges in transitioning from the military to the workplace since he was close to home and already working. 

As for transferrable skills from the military, “my job in the military was to fix electronics, airplanes, and helicopters, which required a lot of troubleshooting. I still troubleshoot and triage, so we can fix the problem and keep it from happening in the future,” he stated. 

Now at Veritas, Iv shared that his favorite aspect about his role is the satisfaction of resolving issues and feeling appreciated by customers and colleagues. “What keeps me at Veritas is the independence I have in my role; I'm not micromanaged or pushed in a certain way that I don't want to be or that doesn’t work for me. The company is diverse, which challenges me on a regular basis, and I enjoy being challenged.” 

An interesting fact about Iv is that he is originally from Albania prior to moving to the United States 20 years ago. 

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