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Our Boomerang Talent – Returning to Veritas with Balaji Shinde

Level 1

ecai912_0-1672968240904.jpegYour current role/title

Senior SQA Engineer, Data Protection and Governance Engineering.

How many years have you been with Veritas, cumulatively?

I previously joined Veritas for two years, then I left for six months and came back nine months ago, so in total, I have been at Veritas for three years.

What made you come back and re-join the Veritas team?

I decided to come back because I love the company culture, work-life balance, and the opportunity to work on the latest technology stack at Veritas. Soon after I left Veritas, I realized that there were very limited opportunities for my professional development elsewhere. I realized that coming back was the best move I could make because I prioritize and value my career development.

What was your previous role at Veritas?

I was previously working as Software Quality Assurance (SQA) engineer at Veritas and was responsible for testing Enterprise Class products, which is supported in a heterogeneous environment. I contributed to the testing and automation of various storage, cloud, and virtualization platforms.

What is your current role at Veritas? What do you do?

I am now a Senior SQA Engineer, and this role gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. My responsibility is testing so Veritas can provide the best solutions for our customers. The world is evolving rapidly, and it is our job as engineers to make life easier for our customers by testing and automating secure, robust, intuitive, and scalable solutions. Our goal is to always deliver product solutions of the highest quality.

What is your favorite Benefit/Rewards at Veritas and why?

There are many great benefits that Veritas provides and some of my favorites include: wellness reimbursement, unlimited PTO, Volunteer Time Off, Sodexo Meal Card, and Medical Benefits. These benefits are important to me because it helps me to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

What are two of the biggest lessons you have learned in your career journey?

A few of the biggest lessons I have learned in my career is to ask questions when you are unclear about a task or project. Uncertainty and ambiguity bring unnecessary stress and may even lead to procrastination. Having a defined ask helps me to prioritize my tasks. I have also come to realize that time management is key to having good work/life balance. I like to time my tasks and see how fast I can get something done. It helps me focus and stay motivated.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to break into your field or roles like yours?

If you are passionate about SQA, you should adapt a Test to Break attitude. It is important that you are not making any compromise on quality; that should always be a top priority.

Try to automate as much as possible for efficiency and quality control on delivery of the product. This industry is consistently changing so learning new tools, technologies, and testing processes is part of the journey.

Attention to detail as a Quality Assurance Engineer is about looking at the product from different angles. One day you may have to put yourself in the member’s shoes, and on another, you may have to look at the system from a hacker’s perspective. Adaptability and openness will help you be successful in the role.