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Veritas Pune tree plantation volunteer effort

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0C368C4D-931F-497B-BA4E-AD881A81330E.jpegLast month, Veritas Pune volunteers enthusiastically participated in the ‘Tree Plantation & Nurturing drive’ held at Chaturshrungi Hill. The team worked with other volunteering groups in Pune to help plant 100+ saplings under the guidance of Mr. Sanjay Suryawanshi from Green Hills Group – an NGO that Veritas works closely with.

Selection of species was done by experts from botany and ecology domains so that the plantation is successful and trees are planted in a conducive environment to grow.

It was a first-time experience for many volunteers to get up the hill in rains, plant the saplings, nurture by adding proper manure and properly tie them for support and survival.

Veritas Pune CSR team ‘GIVE’ have prioritized activities that focus on environmental support, and to date have facilitated planting more than 300 saplings.

In Mr. Sanjay’s own words “ Veritas has been a significant contributor to the plantation at Chaturshrungi Hills and I look forward to more volunteering activities in the coming monthsEF0A565F-F4E5-40A1-91C9-A07313277083.jpeg