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replace disk


if i like to replace a disk ten usually i use vxdiskadm or vxplex rm dis plex then vxdg rmdisk vxunsetup.

is it better to try first after i replced the disk vxreattach -rb then if this not work to try the above?



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Re: replace disk

the recommended way to replace a disk is to run vxdiskadm and go for option .

there are normally two scenarios needing to repalce a disk - disk failed or remove a disk then replace it with a new one.  For either operation please consult with the technotes below.

To replace a failed disk

To remove and repalce a disk:


Running other vx* commends (like vxplex, vxsd, vxmake, vxdisk, vxassist etc) to replace a disk is not recommended