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Checking size of a backup on NetBackup appliance

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Hello all,

I have a backup master where servers from various customers being backed up. Now I have a request to provide details of how much space is occupied on the NetBackup appliance by the backups of a specific set of servers. Is there a way to find this out?


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Refer to this old post but still valid for your requirement 

Hope it helps.


Does this give exact size of the space the backups are holding on the appliance (after deduplication and compression) ? I am not looking just for the size of a backup, I am looking for actual space taken on the appliance.


The report will not give the size in the appliance, just the original size of the backup, and what you are after is not readily available.

Deduplication will lead to shared data segments from all backups and customers. How do you intend to account for those - charge each customer that uses the block of data or just the first? 

Most service providers I know of base their charging model on the FETB of what is being backed up by each customer, this is more readily available metric and less prone to dispute. 




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Agreed, go with FETB backup charges. Otherwise you're looking at the first "owner" of a particular bit getting charged for it, and it's free for everyone else who comes afterwards. =)