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Decommission a Netbackup appliance media server

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We have a requirement to decommission a Netbackup 5330 Appliance configured as a media server. The master server is a non-appliance server. I have been going through Veritas documentation about decommissioning an appliance. However, the information seems scattered across several documents. Can someone help with the steps on how to decommission the appliance?


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From NBU domain standpoint I see no difference when decommissioning NBU appliance media server or any other media server -> non-appliance one.

there is a command  nbdecommission
old server must be specified using -oldserver
nbdecommission -oldserver <hostname>
[-list_ref | -newserver <hostname> [-bulk_media_move] [-file <op_dump_file>]]
[-machinetype media | foreign_media | ndmp | replication_host]
[-M <master_server>] [-reason "<reason>"] [-v]
nbdecommission: -migrate_cloudcatalyst
[-oldserver <hostname> -oldstorageserver <storageserver> -oldstorageservertype <type> -cloudbucketname <bucket>]
[-username <username>] [-password <password>] [-kmskeygroupname <key group name>]
[-newdv <disk volume>] [-newdp <disk pool>] [-dryrun] [-start_with "<start with phrase from previous attempt>"]
nbdecommission: -delete_cloudcatalyst -oldserver <hostname> -oldstorageserver <storageserver> -oldstorageservertype <type>

Nontheless there is some documentation for that:

not sure what next will happen to this appliance - maybe you have to wipe its disks etc...

Hi @NBU_Admin1 

I agree with @quebek the nbdecommsion command is the way to go. However for the appliance it is often necessary to also remove the "appliance" entry as well. This article covers this final part


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Thanks for the response. The article mentioned discusses a scenario where master server is an appliance. My setup has non appliance master server. 


I found the below article which states that nbdecommission does not remove the MSDP:
Does it mean I have to manually delete the MSDP on the appliance? Does it also have to be the same for advanced disk?
Then there is below document which says to perform factory reset on the appliance to decommission the appliance:
All these seem to be contradicting with each other. Please let us know what would be the right steps to decommission the appliance.

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I would keep the nbdecommission cmd way

Here is the working link which @davidmoline tried provide.

MSDP can be removed from NBA CLISH - by wiping the disks...