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Appliance, emails, SMTP port?

Hi, Env:  N5230 v2.6.0.3 (soon to be patched to v2.6.0.4). Is it possible to specify a port number for SMTP authenticated emails? I know classic SMTP uses port 25, and I understand that typically email admins like to have SMTP authentication for e...

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! IPMI reset on an already configured appliance...

Appliance 5230, v2.6.0.3, master/media, already fully configured. My question:  is it safe to follow this procedure: ...on an already fully configured master/media appliance (runnin...

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! Problem with seedutil on 5230 appliance

I've got a problem with seedutil command on NB 5230 appliance with NB We would like to optimize first backup of WAN clients but seedutil returns "Error: PdvfsMount failed: Invalid argument". I tested in on my lab environment with NB ...

Resolved! Adding Free Space in NBU Appliance

Hi All, After adding a new disk shelf to a appliance and assigning the  disks to the appliance , Now i have two pools/volumes one is CATALOG and another is DATA if i add disks to my appliance will my disks automatically goes to a volume/pool or i ca...

Nayabsk by Level 6
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Resolved! deduplication cache disable message

Hi,   am getting below message in the deduplication job from one 5220 to another 5220 in the SLP job log.  Info APPLIANCE1(pid=10527) StorageServer=PureDisk:APPLIANCE2; Report=PDDO Stats for (APPLIANCE2): scanned: 5944290 KB, CR sent: 1089216 KB, ...

mahmedp by Level 3
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Resolved! nbostpxy.exe multiple threads on Windows 2008 R2 server

We have NetBackup running on Appliance 5220 ver. Recently some resource issues forced us review the processes on one of the SQL cluster node and found the (see attached) nbostpxy.exe, each eating up 6% CPU utilization. I stopped th...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! SAN Client not detecting 5230

Hi everyone,   We've recently installed a few 5230's ( and I'm trying to configure a SAN Client to it. I've successfully done this with a couple of Windows servers so far but AIX (6.1) is giving me trouble. The client was a Media Server s...

Resolved! SAN Media Server backup to 5230

Hi, We've recently purchased six 5230's and while we've moved a lot of client jobs to these units successfully we need to focus on our current standalone media servers (Windows & AIX) and Microsoft clusters still running to VTL. Our master servers ...

Resolved! Daily space used by Netbackup

Hello,   I am new to the netbackup and I am trying to find out how much space netbackup is using everyday. Does anyone know how to find out space used everyday by netbackup?

Resolved! 5230 Appliance - BIOS Warning

I have just installed a new 5230 appliance which shipped with 2603 installed.  After initial configuration I upgraded the appliance to 261 which completed successfully in approximately 1 hour (MSDP pool only contained a couple of test backups). Duri...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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