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modifying subnetmask on the flex 5250 appliance

Level 4

My customer has changed the subnetmask on the network to which the appliance is connected to.

Whats the best way to modify the subnetmask to the current?

Thanks for your numerous inputs!


Level 6

Hi @AlexNtowGH 

What FlexOS are you using and which network are you referring to - the management network or the data network used by the instances?

Either way, I would strongly suggest you get help from support to do this.

Depending on the Flex version the management network requires a factory reset to enable reconfiguration (support may be able to provide an alternate method). It is possible to perform a factory reset without losing the instances already defined.

The data network that the instances use, requires the network be removed and re-added - and you cannot remove a network if an instance is using it. Again, support can help guide you through this process. 


Level 4

Hi @AlexNtowGH,

The management network changes require support exception regardless of Flex version in use. The procedure has steps to modify the settings in etcd container and needs special care. I would communicate with Veritas contacts so that they can initiate the process for you.

Instance network changes can be done by creating a fake/pseudo network first. Then you can remove and change to the original one and re-add it again.