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About NetBackup AIR Configuration in case of Multi-NIC

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I would like to ask about NetBackup domain configuration when NetBackup server has multiple NICs.

NetBackup 8.1.1
Winodws Server 2016

The NBU server has multiple NICs, and data packets are designed to flow in each segment.
Front Segment :Control Packet
Backup Segment :Backup Data Packet
Replication Segment :Replication Data Packet

Customer created MSDP without specifying a network interface.

In this state, replication data flows to the front segment, so they want to change it to flow to the replication segment. Therefore, in host management of security management, registered the host name of the replication segment on the media server, and added the alias name of the storage server(ndmp) using nbemmcmd command.

>nbemmcmd -machinealias -addalias -alias “ReplicationSegmentHostname” -machinename “FrontSegmentHostName” -machinetype ndmp

But, although the host name of the replication segment of the target storage server is specified in the replication settings of the source storage server, an error occurs in the replication job.

How should they set it?
Also, how should they set it originally?

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Have you tried to use PREFERRED_NETWORK?