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Anyone deploying Netbackup 6?

Level 6
Is anyone deploying Netbackup 6 currently? How comfortable are people feeling about it? Are people waiting for MP1?
Thoughts? I'm not seeing many postings on it yet.

Level 5
we're gonna move to 6 eventually as we going Netapp in a large way to will need the Netapp functionality from 6.0. but no way are we gonna go near the vanilla release, we're still having the odd teething problem with 5.1 MP3a, God help us when 6 comes :)

Level 2
I personally want to wait until MP1 comes out before going to v6.0

We recently upgraded from v4.5 MP3 to v5.1 MP3A.

Has anyone gone to MP4 yet? Any issues?


Shane Manriquez

Level 5
Yes. I have upgraded to Mp4. No problems :)

Level 2
Hi everybody,
I recently installed NetBackup 6.0 in two different testing-eviroments. Especially to evaluate the new integrated BMR-functionality. The first time everything went fine, at the other site I had trouble testing BMR on a new HP DL380 G4 Server with Windows 2003. (The server did not come up with the BMR-bootdisk - I tried several driver versions etc.)

My personal opinion is, that I would like to wait for MP1 before installing it in a hot enviroment - but beside the above described error I had no problems with this version.

It has a lot of new features and a much better logging!

Have a nice day! Eike

Level 4
I personally want to wait until MP1 comes out before going to v6.0

Level 2
We will definitely be waiting for MP1 before migrating to v6. ESPECIALLY with v6 being pushed out like it has been... makes me nervous.

Level 4
Had a lunch and learn today with our Veritas sales team. They said Veritas is scheduling Jan 15 or Jan16th for service pack 1.