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Backup/Restore after initial installation

Level 3

hello experts
I explain my doubt and I would have a clear guideline on how to act
on a server with Solaris 10 you are running a version of netbackup.
This server must be installed by 0 but after reinstalling will again have the same configurations as before (policies, media barcode, etc.)
my question is:
to do this (if possible) just define a policy of Hot_Catalog, launch it, save the file that is generated (in what path?), keep it in an external dispiositivo, reinstall the machine and netbackup, hot_catalog put the file in the correct path ( which one?) and then launch the GUI to restore Recover the catalog with the option ?!
Can you help me?
Thank you


Level 3

 external dispiositivo = external device

Italian/english mix!!!