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Backup failed on NetBackup with status -24

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I tried all the possible solutions on the forums previously posted. No hint. 

NetBackup 7.5

Server: RHEL 5

Client: RHEL 5

Thank you for your time.



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A status 24 is almost always a networking issue of some kind.  Error message "socket write failed."

Check the NetBackup Problems report for clues on where and why the failure occurred.

Is this occurring when there is a high network load between the client and NBU?

Enable/Check the bpbkar log file on the client for any activity associated with the backup attempt. The bpcd log will show entries for interactions between the client and NBU servers as well ahead of the backup initiating.

Please pass back your findings.




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You need to give us SOMETHING!!! 

Start with all text in Details tab of the failed job and post logs:
Media server: bpbrm and bptm
Client: bpbkar

Please copy logs to .txt files (e.g. bpbrm.txt) and upload as File attachments.

PS: Have you see the post by mph999 over here?

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I was about to post my usual status 24 post, but I see Marianne has already mentioned it.

In fairness though, the majority of the post I think referred to Wndows, but there is some Unix stuff in there also.

As Marianne has requested, we need something to go on, the below is an example of the minium sort of information that should be given for an issue like this.

Is it a backup, a restore

Does it fail 100% of the time

Did it ever work

Anything changed

Does the job fail at the beginning, the end, in the middle

Is any data transferred

Does it always fail in the same place

Does it fail after the same amount of time

Does it fail after the same amount of data is transferred (if any is transferrerd)

Is there a firewall between the media server and client

As the very experienced Jaime has pointed out, status 24 is almost certainly outside of NBU, in fact I have never seen a status 24 caused by NBU.