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Buffer query for Windows (NT) (5.1 MP2)

Level 5
I am trying to fine tune the buffer configuration for an oldish NT client being saved via a gigabit dedicated network to a W2K Media server with LTO1 SSO drives.

However I cannot get client side bpbkar logs to display any "delayed" buffer messages despite logging going from 0 to max. Media server side is ok via bptm logs. As it says in the doc, you need to compare one side with the other !

I know it is slow disk, but I need to know "how" slow, and what is the best config.

Anybody know how to get bpbkar on the client to display this ?

Many thanks - Darren

Level 6
The technote says to stop/start services on the media server and the client after you create the folder

DOCUMENTATION: How to configure buffers for NetBackup in a Windows NT/2000 environment to improve performance

Level 5
Hi Bob,
Services have been stopped on both sides, redid it to make sure, and still the same, no "delayed" entries in bpbkar.

Will plough on anyway. Cheers as ever.

- Darren

Level 5
Never did get to the bottom of this

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
You want to check "delayed for xxx times" messaes to make sure what becomes bottleneck, right?
For remote client, you should check bptm logs on media server instead. No "delayed" messages is logged on client-only host.