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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Netbackup 6.0 Services

Do the Netbackup 6.0 services on a Windows 2003 Master server need to run as Administrator? I recently have been to a couple of storage security seminars and they suggested that you not run the Netbackup services with admistrator access if you don't...

relabel media ID for stand alone drive for Netbackup 6.0MP3

I am trying to use tapes from a different server in a new build of Netbackup 6.0mp3. I need to have the automatic labeling enabled which I do and it is working for any blank tapes. I have tried bplabel but, after i run the command that is supposed to...

Tom_Dean by Not applicable
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Can not add robotic definition

Hi All,I have problem to add robot in e media manager. I have a unix master & 25 media servers, they're running on Solaris (9&10) and using SSO. We're using ACS 7.1 to manage the Silo. I reinstall netbackup media on server (sslnfs2) but now I have pr...

T_N by Level 6
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status 200 (scheduler found no backups due to run)

Sometimes when a job starts before midnight, netbackup doesn't get to it until after midnight and then it fails with a status 200 (scheduler found no backups due to run). So we get no backup.This happens consistently. Then I have to stop the servic...

which ports should be opened

Hi,I have a solaris5.8 based NB5.1 MP2 master and media servers and want to configure SQL backup for a client which is existing behind firewall.Which ports i should ask network team to open for successful backup??

Automatic Inventory on Sun/StorageTek SL8500 using ACSLS

Hi,I recently saw some posts on automatic inventory, which seems to be available on some robots.We recently started using a Sun/StorageTek SL8500 robot (With 7.1 ACSLS server, LibAttach 1.4.1).I was wondering if this combination can also do an automa...

Recommended Client timeout

We currently leave our client timeouts to the default. We are looking to up the timout to eliminate any 41 errors that occur in our environment.Are there any draw backs to setting the client timeout at a much higher level on all our cleints?ThanksRow

Unexplained policy changes

Hello everyoneone, I'm hoping some can help me with a strange occurence on our NBU envionment.About a week ago I spotted an unexplained misconfiguration on one of our policies, whereby the Storage Unit setting in the Schedule tab had been set to an i...

NetBackup Licensing

Does anyone have any documentation that clearly explains NetBackup's licensing and what the licensing does?Thanks,Chris

Simple Question

I've installed NetBackup 6.0 MP3 Master Server for Windows 2003 Server. Add BMR License. Install Boot Server, Create SRT.But when I backup the client with Collect Disaster Recovery information. There is no client in "Bare Metal Restore Clients" Tab, ...

DLO issues

hellowe have netbackup DLO for our laptops and i have few qwestions:* what are the differnces between veritas desktop q laptop option AND netbackup DLO ?* i have a user that his operating system as been corupted - what is the best way to restore his ...

Vault partially successful - Too many tapes to eject

I have a feeling there is an answer for this question already somewhere in this forum, but so far I haven't found it, (I'm apologizing for duplicate questions).I have NetBackup 5.1MP4 ...The library in question is a Quantum PX720 (DLT)The maximum tap...

bpdjobs logging

I was just requested to keep the job status log for a year on some clients. Is there anyway to do this for only certain clients or is this going to affect all of my jobs? Also, is there a way to just increase the logging level for just this or is it ...

How to run ACS inventory

Hi All,I'm using netbackup 5.1 Mp5 SSO on Solaris 2.9 Master server with ACS 7.1, anyone know how to run ACS inventory ? Thanks.Tom

T_N by Level 6
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NOM Patching

Anyone out there know if NOM Patch 2A is compatible with NBU v6.0 MP3? The readme kind of suggests you should only use it with NBU 6 MP2 but my client site's really pushing for NOM and I just don't want to install beta-standard software - hence my re...

Remote NDMP LAN-Backup

NBU 6.0 with one Master and two Media Servers. I have configured our solution to use one Media server to backup a NAS with NDMP protocoll.It works 100% okey to backup to a Tape Device on the Media Server. My question is to this forum, is it possible ...