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Can we use MSDP at source side and DD at target side

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Hello Experts,

Can we configure MSDP and source domain and DD at target domain? in this case will replication work?


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Technically YES but NO.  Do not try it

Every OST device has its own deduplication engine. If you try to duplicate backups from an OST device to a different OST device you will loose the optimized duplication.

So the source media server will rehydrate the backup from the MSDP pool, send it to the target media server who re deduplicated it and send it to the DD.

After an initial duplication (MSDP to OST), would the plugin (DDboost I think its called unless they've changed it) on the external media server not be able to only duplicate the changes? 

I am deduplicating FlexScale MSDP (whatever its called with FS) to NEC Hydrastor. I got it from the storage developer that the first duplication will take long, afterwards the plugin will kick in and after rehydrating the images, it will send changes only. 

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yes, if the plugin is on the same server.

But as you said it will rehydrate all data (do a full restore to the media server), deduplicate it again and send only the new blocks to the DD.

For small installations or small backups it is ok. For bigger customers is a "no go".  It needs CPU, memory and free time on the media server.

at the end is a trial and error procedure.