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Catalog backup recovery from Target destination

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I have catalog backup configured on SLP. I need to recover catalog from the target destination (where backup is replicated through SLP) to source destination. Is there any special procedures I need to follow?

Target destination is on tape drives and my primary site (where I need to recover catalog) has no tape drives configured.


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More info please...

Is this a hypothetical question to prepare for DR situation?

Tell us more about the SLP config - does the config look more or less like this?
Backup to local dedupe disk
|--> Replication to remote disk
       |---> Duplication to remote tape

Is the target/remote site part of same NBU domain/master server or different master?

Are you storing the catalog backup dr-file somewhere safe, i.e. NOT on the local master server?
Can you check the contents of the DR-file to see if it 'knows' about the tape copy?