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Changing VMware type policy from VIP to manual VM selection

Level 3

I have recently changed a policy from VMware Intelligent policy queries to manual VM selection. The reasoning for this was to make use of the max jobs pr. policy limitation, which are not possible to use with VIP.

I kept getting failures during the snapshot with NetBackup reporting a code 4239: Unable to find the virtual machine

24-07-2018 10:57:24 - Critical bpbrm (pid=74644) from client SERVER: FTL - VMware_freeze: Unable to locate virtual machine SERVER using VM display name

This error occured even when changing to VM Hostname or a different identifier. I spent quite a bit of time trying to work out why it wasn't working, until I remembered having the same issue earlier in the year.

The solution was to just create a new policy (do not copy it, as that will have the same issue), and then there are no problems.

My question is, has anyone else experienced it? Its not really a massive issue, but you do risk spending time troubleshooting it as the error is a bit general. The logs weren't very useful either. Caspar



I've had it happen and just created a new policy like you mentioned. What I did end up doing is having a template/ad-hoc VMware policy configured with schedules/SLP's and such and left it deactivated. That way I could just delete the problem policy and copy the deactivated policy and just add clients to it.