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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup BMR Restore failed communication master server

Backup server and client are set to IPs on different subnetsIn the current environment, network routing setup and backups were fine.I have all the backup policy and SRT configuration for BMR Restore.However, BMR Restore failed.The network booting usi...

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Recovering NetBackup server from failed hardware.

Let me confess that while I have used backup exec for 20 years (off and on), never used netbackup.The hardware on a none critical "standalone" NetBackup server failed. The motherboard failed, the disk is probably okay.Eighteen months later a new repl...

Evaluation NetBackup 8.1.2

We are planning to evaluate the NetBackup 8.1.2.So I want to get the evaluation edition of the NetBackup 8.1.2.Can I get the evaluation edition of the NetBackup 8.1.2(other than latest version)?

Resolved! NBU_db2.conf_Objecttype Archive_statement missing.

Dear friends, could you please assist.[enviroment]Redhat enterprise server release 6.10, NBU v7.7.3, DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 10.5[db2.conf]In this config file, there are object identifier statements for backing up databases only, NO "Objecttype...

taolv by Level 3
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Ready for Veritas Alta View?

We are aware of how Veritas Alta View can revolutionize your data protection management and substantially decrease your IT operational overhead. But, were you aware that you're just a few minutes away from getting up and running? Veritas Alta View is...

nathantran by Level 2
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Veeam to netbackup migration

Hello NetBackup Experts Time is passing and it still seems not possible to migrate Veeam to Netbackup. I'd love to be wrong. Is there any automated solution on the market ? What is your experience in cross vendor migration ? Specificaly Veeam -> Netb...

SlavB by Level 0
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About DB2 alternate restore

Dear friends,I want to restore DB2 databases to a different client/instance, from a schedualed daily backup.and I have several questions because it's my first time to do the DB2 restore.Could you please help.[enviroment]Redhat enterprise server relea...

taolv by Level 3
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NB Master Server migration to the new HW

Hello,I would like to migrate my current NB Master Server 10.1.1 running on Windows 2012 R2 (VMware) to the brand new server running on Windows 2022 (VMware), whole env. includes over 20 Dell DataDomains as target storages and over 20 Media Servers.A...

Alta Data Protection deployment guide

Hi All,one of my customers has asked for Alta Data Protection. we're going to take a backup for O365 suiteactually i never done this before and iam really confused what is the diffrence between alta data protection and alta SaaS Protection ? does any...

Resolved! Jobs for SAP HANA not duplicate for tape library

Jobs for SAP HANA duplicate for disk but not duplicate tape library.My version NBU is I use SLP with two conditions:First action backup for disk;Second action duplicate tape.But not error.When use same SLP for other policy type example VMWARE...

Using a particular media server

I am behind the times and running 8.0 in a couple of my environments. One in particular is because I have some Alpha systems that still need to be backed up and 8.0 is the last version that supports them. I have a master server and a separate media s...

Same Media server, new storage

I have a relatively new and unused Media Server VM connected successfully to our master. For a datastore I was initially using a (local to the VM) virtual disk. The next day I noticed that all of my backups had failed, because the virtual disk for th...

NBU weekly Full jobs report

I'm running NBU 9 on Solaris 11 and have a requirement to produce a report on all weekly FULL backups on 8 clients.  Can this be accomplished from the command line bypassing the GUI?Thanks 

Malware scanning on NBU 10.1

does anyone setup the Malware Detection for Windows host for NBU 10.1 ?any help or a guide ?i found on youtube for Linux but nothing for Windows

MSDP disk usage larger than catalog?

Hello there!In the last few months our MSDP (thin provisioned) was at 80% of used space, so the logical steps was:1 - Expire old backup images;2 - Run image cleanup;3 - Run compact on MSDP. But here's the tricky part, our storage usage doesn't seems ...

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Mhiago by Level 2
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