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DB2 backup fails with status code 24

Level 3

Master\media :solaris 9



OS:AIX 5.2




Our DB2 database backup suddenly started failing with status code 24

Detailed job status shows :

08/24/2011 20:03:47 - Error bprd (pid=15639) Unable to write progress log </usr/sap/backups/backup3.log> on client XYZ-b. Policy=DB2-Arch-2 Sched=NONE
08/24/2011 20:03:47 - Error bprd (pid=15639) CLIENT XYZ-b  POLICY DB2-Arch-2  SCHED NONE  EXIT STATUS 24 (socket write failed)


BPRD logs:

20:03:46.920 [15639] <8> append_to_client_log: couldn't write to log file /usr/s
ap/backups/backup3.log on client XYZ-b, error = 37
20:03:46.922 [15639] <8> bkarfiles: failure writing progress log on client XYZ-b in log /usr/sap/backups/backup3.log:  socket write failed (24)


Now this will continue for hours and will suddenly work again ,now there is no trend day or time wise

There is no change in the permission of logs directory on the client side  everything is same,if i manually run script from the client it will start backing up again.

Starnge thing is there are 2 DB2 instances one works fine and other fails with the above error....

Please help ....


Level 5

The progress log path /usr/sap/backups/backup3.log looks strange, normally this will point to a folder in /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops.  Does the progress log backup3.log exist ?

Is this a standard policy backing up the archive logs or are you using the netbackup db2 agent to run the backup?

I would recommend to create the logs on the client side to get more information.

/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bphdb  <if you are using a db2 policy>
/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpdb2 <if you are using a db2 policy, change permissions to 777, chmod 777 bpdb2>
/usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpbkar <if you are using a standard policy>

Increase verbose level by adding
in the bottom of the /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf on the client.
Remember to put it back afterwards.

Re-create problem and check the logs for more clues and check the bprd log on the master, there was status 37, that normally means that the server connecting to the bprd is not valid. Normally adding this as a server entry to the bp.conf on the master resolve this.

I hope this helps.



Level 3

Try bouncing the database.