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Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

So my "/usr/openv" directory is full.


And when i go into /usr/openv, this is the size list i get.


and this is the file size 6 months ago:

Annotation 2019-11-01 125413.png

If you notice, "netbackup" and "db" are very different sizes from 6 months ago

What files are safe to delete in order to get more space?

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Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

There is nothing at all that you can delete from inside the db folder.  And usually nothing you can delete from inside the netbackup folder except maybe some log files, if they exist, but see the NetBackup Logging Guide for steps re managing log file space.

A better question to ask yourself is to determine where the space is being used inside the netbackup folder.

Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

vxlogmgr -F will delete any 'old' vxlogs (just leaves the current ones being ritten to in place) - this can sometime give a bit of a quick fix for disk space issues.

Has someone dropped a load of files in the wrong place - have a search for the biggest files in netbackup directory and it's subfolders.

I suspect the biggest area might be under images (the catalog .f files ) - you have a few choices ...

Expire some backups (probably not the best idea)

Increase disk space

Archive the catalog

Compress the catalog


Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

Please check ,


/usr/openv/netbackup\logs folder.


And also please check the verbosity in bp.conf file if added in past.


Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv


You may want to drill down in the netbackup folder - check the size of netbackup/db and netbackup/logs. 

Contents folders under netbackup/logs are the only files that you can delete with confidence.

Contents of netbackup/db/images should NEVER be deleted. 
The size is directly linked to number of files and folders backed up on clients and the retention levels in your Policy Schedules.
These image files must be kept to ensure restores. NBU will automatically delete image files when backups expire. 

200GB for your openv partition is way too small for a busy backup environment with lengthy retentions.

Either increase this partition or provide a new partition for the images folder.
There are instructions in NBU Admin Guide I on how to do this.
Start reading here (and all related topics):

Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

I check inside the /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/nbjlogs/ and i found this log.

Image 014.png

and this

Image 013.png

can i delete all this file using linux command or using NBU commad?


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Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

You'd delete the logs using linux commands.

Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

i have question.

Do you know what fungcion this logs? and how to disable this logs?

Image 013.png

can we delete this log using NBU comannd ?

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Re: Disk usage 100% on /usr/openv

You cannot delete legacy logs using NBU commands. 

You delete them using Unix commands.
Speak to your Unix sysadmin if you do not know how.

The 'jbp' logs are created when you use 'BAR' GUI to perform restores or user backups.