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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Incremental vs Deduplication

Hi all,Just want to seek for your thoughts or knowledge regarding Incremental vs Deduplication, since I thought this 2 subjects are like the same.Thank you and best regards! 

J_Huggins by Level 6
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Netbackup licenses - capacity

we're trying to confirm the amount in TB we should be licensed for under capacity model , we ran the nbdeployutil  but there are several amounts there , which one should be the number to be licensed then Flagged Capacity Figures (TB)Master ServerConf...

Joe_ab by Level 4
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Dear All,Actually I have a issue with NBAC in admin was left from the organisation and his I'd was disabled. unfortunately no one has the security admin rights.Please let me know if anyone has faced the same issue in past.Thanks in...

Resolved! Unable to see files and directories of a VM backup in BAR

Hi all,I am facing issue while performing or checking for any individual restore of files and directories of a linux vm, I  am seeing empty window in the BAR even though the option for 'enable file level vm recovery option' has been enabled. Can some...

Netbackup AIR replication

Hi.I had to disable the replication for a while and now there is a quite huge backlog.Is there a way to limit the replication jobs running in the same time?I would like to run let's say max. 20 replication jobs at once.

eccio by Level 4
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Storage unit selection not working (Round Robin)

Hello community,we have selected two AdvancedDiskPools to be used in one of our storage unit groups. We noticed that they are not equally split in terms of usage, although we selected "Round Robin" in the settings.As you can see, they are not used in...

adp usage.png

Postgresql backup

Hello.I need to backup DB postgresql. I know that i need to install agent to server, but i don't understand where i can download it.Can you help me?Thanks.

Shared Data Domain and the owner of backup images on it

Hi,A big confused about backup image ownership.If backup from 4 different media servers to same Data Domain storage unit, my understanding is, the backup images on it, would have different owner too. So if we restore, it'll pickup the owner(media ser...

(2074) Disk volume is down - Can't get a status 'UP' to stick

Bare with me as I am picking up someone else's NetBackup responsibilities and my knowledge is light at best.We are using a Symantec NetBackup 5230 appliance and it is not completing Snapshots and backups after a reboot of the appliance. The error rec...

Resolved! large VMware backup Snapshots

Hello everyone, I have a virtual machine with 6 disks that total 4TB, is it possible or recommendable to do VMware backup? there is enough space (15tb +) in the datastore. My question is if removing this snapshot will affect the performance of the ot...

Linux Media - Backup through SAN - Write protect on LUN

Hi ! I’m gonna try to explain, the best I can, english is not my primary language and Google translate is not always good !Master (AIX) : NB 7.7.3Media (Windows) : NB 7.7.3Media (Linux RH7.5) : NB 7.7.3We have a lot of client (VMware) and others are ...

Resolved! NetBackup Media Server on ESXi host

Hi thereI've been searching the internet without much luck. I've been wondering if anyone has ever installed NetBackup Media Server software on an ESXi host and whether it is supported. I want to play around with some things. Nothing serious.Regards

DNT by Level 3
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Resolved! inventory robot misspath

Hello everyone,I have problem with inventory robot on NBU 8.1.1. We have a master server and three media server. I was changing one of the media servers because of the slow tape write ratio. There is two HBA card with four path two four drives, each ...