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Does V-Ray require a Windows Proxy?

I got this question from a reader of my blog and though it would be worth sharing the answer. 


"I was looking at this

and I want to know if this requires a Windows server like proxy host of some type? Currently we have vendor doing the installation for us and they told us in order to support Storage API and backup VMware we need to have Windows media server. is that truth or new v-ray can support other OS media to backup vmware beside windows or suse linux?"



Many backups vendors require you to use a Windows proxy server to support vStorage APIs for Data Protection because they all rely on the file system mount APIs to enumerate and read data from virtual machine disk files after snapshot is mounted. Symantec V-Ray in NetBackup is unique in the market because the backup server can directly access the storage and read at raw-read performance while enumerating the objects inline using proven FlashBackup based technology. If you would like to know the full details, I would recommend this blog: 



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is that mean new V-ray do not

is that mean new V-ray do not require Windows server or Linux for vStorage API  for VMware ?