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Downgrade NBU from 8.0 to 7.6.1

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Hi Folks, 

Would like to know what is the correct way to downgrading NBU verison ?

My situation is bit twisted coz due to some reason i have to downgrade NBU from 8.0 to 7.6.1 and i understand the only way is to uninstall the 8.0 and install the 7.6.1and i also know that i would not be able to recovery my 8.0 version backups. Now i wanted to know what is the procedure to follow. I list the flow can help to validate.

1. Verify the older Catalog backup (Version NBU 7.6.1) and make sure the catalog image is verified and ok 

2. Run a catalog backup (For current version of NBU 8.0)

3. Make note of Media ID generation/Barcode rules &  Make note of all license

4. Remove Media server and clients ( I need help on this, how to do it ? ) i see Media server decomission is not an option and i may lose data.

5. Now Uninstall the current version of NBU (8.0) and install NBU 7.6 and Patch it to 7.6.1 (Matching the version of Production) 

6. Configure master and media server 

7. Configure tape library 

8. Recover catalog backup





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Remove Media server and clients ( I need help on this, how to do it ? ) i see Media server decomission is not an option and i may lose data.

What is NBU version on media servers?

Catalog backup on Tape or Disk pool? What is version version of that media server?



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The machine that you would like to downgrade is that a master server or a media server.? And what kind of storage is configured on this machine.. I meand like msdp, ost, adv disk or just tape library..

If its a master server and no msdp.. then Ideally there is no reason why you would need to remove media servers or clients because you are anyways going to install the older version of nbu and perform a catalog recover from the older version.. This recovery in turn would bring the old information that was present at the time of old catalog backup when the nbdb is restored..

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I have one word:


I cannot think of any reason why anyone would want or need to go back to an unsupported NBU version.

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Don't remove the Media Servers and clients. If they have the same version that the Master had, then downgrade them but don't formaly remove their connections nor decomission them.

A revision on your plan:

  1. Test that recovering your old catalog will work. Try a different server, can be a virtual machine. Give it the same name, doesn't need to have the same IP address. You'll get errors related to jobs but if you can see the catalog history then you're ok.
  2. If possible, disable all policies and SLPs (if you have them) before doing the full catalog.
  3. For information gathering, I usually just execute and secure a run of NBSU. It will include the hosts file, the license keys, almost everything.
  4. Uninstall NetBackup software in the Master. Reboot.
  5. Install old NetBackup software in the Master. Use old keys. Reboot again.
  6. Recover catalog. If it works: do the downgrade (if it applies) on Media Servers and clients. Medias could have some special configuration, you should execute NBSU in them too just in case.

Remember that in a perfect world you should have the same version of NetBackup in Masters, Medias and clients. Clients with lower, older versions of NB can connect to newer servers, same goes for Media Servers. General rule: Media Servers with 7.x can connect to Masters with 8.x. In a perfect world we shouldn't be doing downgrades anyway :)

(I had to do a downgrade once because our client thought some issues were because of Veritas and we had to isolate the problem)