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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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What is diffirent Data Classifications

I have a question, when I create a Policy I see that Data Classifications option have PlatinumGold SilverBronzeBut I don't know how are they different?Somebody explain to me, please!

Resolved! NBU Catalog Migrate from to 8.1

HiWe are in the process of converting a remote backup master to a media server of our main datacenter. Both are currently at Following will be done as per the approved model:1) Integrate Master Server "master2" as a media server to "master1"...

SLP duplicationsite is holding much more data than the backupsite

We have to backup sites. One backupsite and one duplicationsite. The backups are set up with SLP. The duplication site msddup disk is holding much more data than the backup msddup disk. 3TB more. How can I level it out, or delete data that is not rel...

amou by Level 3
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netbackup bptm log

Can i safely remove old log files from \Veritas\NetBackup\logs\bptm on a client. Noticed today that the D:\ drive is nearly full. I have 6 days of logs sitting here Or is there a way that i can  adjust the job that is createing them ti remove them so...

Virtual Machine to restore in Azure as Azure VM

Hi Experts,I am wondering if NBU can resore protected VMs to restore in Azure as Azure VM.Of course I know Veritas VRP is the manner to replicate VMs from Onpremise to the Cloud, as one of solution, would be worth considering VMs to restore in Azure ...

makudo by Level 0
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Resolved! Better way to Upgrade

Hello Everybody.I have a cuestion for you. We currently have in our company Netbackup 7.6 installed on a Solaris 10.The company like to buy Netbackup 8.1 and it is going to be installed on a Solaris 11.What dou you recommend?1.- Migrate Netbackup 7.6...

Gadit by Level 3
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Vmware backup failing with EC 6

Hello All,There is two VMWare policy, in which the host in one policy is getting backed up successfully and another policy host is failing, so i thaught there might be communication issue but when i went through the esx host of successfull and failed...

Sachii by Level 3
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Tape drive Down TLD

Hi Team,One out of 4 Tape drive is listed as DOWN-TLD, so when I tried to do up. The drive is not ready or inoperable message has appeared. Drive Name is HP.ULTRIUM-SCSI.000, one having an issue. Under Drivers I tried to add the above drive freshely ...

Resolved! Generate a list of all active policies

We have OPSCenter version 8.0. I need to generate a list of all active policies. I don't need storage or success rate , etc. Just a list of policies.  I didn't see any saved templates for this. Is there a SQL query that can do this? 

DoubleP by Level 5
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Resolved! Empty folders in \Netbackup\db\images\

We have Windows 2003 OS netbackup 7.0.1 in our master server. And we are planning to upgrade to There are some empty folders(folders are with client names) in the path <Install Path>\NetBackup\db\images\The policies of those clients are in d...

Rocky67 by Level 4
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Old SLP images are not completed

Hi folks,We are passing by this situation:A lot of SLPs with 7 days retention to disk as primary copy and bigger retentions to tapes.The problem is that before the second copy has ben completed the tape library has gone to a failure state.So, now we ...

Trf1-BRA by Level 4
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Resolved! MySQL and NB version 8.0

We're currently in the process of updating to 8.0. We have already taken care of the master servers and have just started with the media. After that we'll update our Appliances, and finally the clients.The other day we were asked by the manager of an...

DoubleP by Level 5
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Windows server 2016 1709 not backing up

Hi,I just upgrade our host to Server 2016 1709 and it stop backing up. I cant run query based policy anymore.We running Windows 2016 1709 and netbackup 8.0Host: server 2016 1709 Core systemNetbackup Master Server: Windows 2012 R2, Install Netbackup 8...

lalajee by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup appliance granular level access for java console

hi experts, I run netbackup appliance 5230 as a master server in my environment and would like to set up granular level roles and privilages for AD users registered with appliance. but appliance has only 2 roles by default. i would like to provide gr...

Will LTO 4 drive support LTO5 medias for Read Write data

Hello All,Im my environment, we have LTO 4 drives (configured but not in use now) and LTO 5 drives ( currently in use). Shall use this LTO4 drives for LT05 tapes for both read & write. In case if its work will there be any issue later while do recove...

Resolved! NBU allows overwrite of tapes from another domain?

I have a customer with two NBU domains (two separate Master Servers) both with tape backups that are sent off-site. It seems that if they recall an unexpired tape for restore and put it in the library on the “wrong” site, it gets put into the scratch...

andrew_mcc1 by Level 6
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