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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Data Missing from Restore

Hi All I took a full NDMP backup of 1 share. The opscenter detailed job status is showing that 13000 files and approximately 1.5 TB of data was backed up. The storage is Data Domain. The backup job took 14 hours to complete. However in restore window...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.7.3 Bug, Unable to edit backup window

Hi team,I believe you are aware of the bug in Ntebackup 7.7.3 will install the EEB, However I am looking for command line work around. I tried bpplschedrep <policy-name> <sched-label> -0 <start ...

Sid1987 by Level 6
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Symantec NetBackup excess records of jobs

On one tape within a week backups are written sequentially:1. Server1 - Full Backup - Mon from 20 to 23 time window2. Server1 - Differential Incremental Backup - Tue-Fri 20-233. Server2, Server3, Server4 - Full Backup - from Sat 20:00 to Mon 08:00For...

vvy_vvy by Level 0
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Resolved! none of the requested files were backed up(2)

14/09/2017 11:58:04 - Info nbjm(pid=6536) starting backup job (jobid=185842) for client SRVAPP, policy BKP_SQLCBG, schedule Full_SQL14/09/2017 11:58:04 - Info nbjm(pid=6536) requesting MEDIA_SERVER_WITH_ATTRIBUTES resources from RB for backup job (jo...

Current values in NetBackup media server

How can I get the current values in Windows 2012 media server. Please advise. SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS – current valueNUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS – current valueSIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK – current valueNUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK – current valueNET_BUFFER_SZ – current va...

Resolved! Netbackup Master server on VCS

One of our customer having some issue with their Netbackup master recently. Their environment have two Netbackup Master servers which is on Veritas Cluster Server. Our customer facing an error when the Master backup is failover to passive node. It se...

tarmizi by Level 5
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Flexsnap certification

Hi,Coud anyone answer the following questions ?1. When will Veritas FlexSnap certification program available ?2. What is the difference between OST certification and FlexSnap certification ?3. When could vendor participates in this FlexSnap program ?...

Resolved! OIP : not able validate rman credential on Oracle instance

Hi All; My backup system is running on 7.7.2. Oracle client is running on windows 2008. Mater server is linux redhat 2.6. I have a issue to validate RMAN credential on Oracle instance. I was able to validate rman on oracle instance before but after d...

T_N by Level 6
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Resolved! MSDP Storage server config error - credentials already exist

Lab environment with Windows Master and Media, NBU8.Adding media server as MSDP storage server.  Goofed the first attempt (no directories added after drive letters), went back in wizard and fixed that problem, but ever since have received "Credential...

SLP AIR failing with 191

Good day Please assist , SLP AIR some of the jobs are failing with error 191 , Target and source server is using msdp pool.9/13/2017 08:30:18 - Critical bpdm (pid=5480) Storage Server Error: (Storage server: PureDisk:xxxxxxx) CALaunchAIRReplicate: Fa...

drives paths going down

Hi Dear,Newly I have many queued task, I checked device monitor and many paths for a media server are in DOWN-TLD state for media server x.I am running device configuration wizard for media server x or manually click on up path, after some days diffe...

How to expire MSDP backup images

Hi Guys,Good Day.I am working on Veritas Netbackup 7.7.3.How to expire MSDP backup images: Policy type: "VMware" and enabled "Use Accelerator" feature Schedule Type "Everyday full backup"scenario: when some of HOST MSDP backup images were no longer r...

billvel by Level 3
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Encryption On tape Drive

Dear Alli have Netbackup 8.0  on windows 2012 R2 and i am using MSDP as main storage and Tape library "IBM Tape Library 3200 LTO4" and  i need to encrypt the backup in MSDP and Tape using SLPquestions : do i need to add hardware module to Tape librar...

vm backup failing with EC 50

NBU linux 5.5client read timeout increaed to 3000First backup was failing woth EC 1309/08/2017 07:53:46 - begin writing09/08/2017 08:07:22 - Error bpbrm (pid=25734) socket read failed: errno = 62 - Timer expired09/08/2017 08:07:24 - Error b...

lovee by Level 5
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Resolved! Tapes reporting no data stored on them.

I've got a situation I'm trying to understand a bit better.I'm backing up a server that is suddenly using a lot more disk space than before.  One of the segments I'm backing up has grown to 1.7T - which is fine.  But on this system we're encrypting t...