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Exchange is killing me

Level 3
I have 8 exchange servers that are all stand alone media servers. I get awesome backups around 80MB/Sec but when i go to restore.. 1400 KB/Sec what am i missing... anyone have any ideas as to why it is so slow?

Level 3
Well, what kind of restores are you doing? Are you restoring message level backups or information store backups? Are you multi plexing your backups? If so that would be a likely cause for lag in performance on your restores...

Level 3
I am doing information stores. And Multiplexing at a vaule of 2. Here the caviot i am able to restore these tapes on our lab boxes at a much faster speed. Its a directly attached MSL6060. My production enviroment is a T950 attached to a SAN fabric.

Level 6
How are your exchange boxes configured? If you are using RAID5, that may make sense (to an extent) as your writes will be slower.
Are the boxes overworked?
Might want to do some disk benchmarks on your Exchange servers.

Level 5
Can you try adding a separate NIC on the master and then configuring the client to talk to the Appended NIC and try doing the restores again.

I guess its more of a load on the master NIC during the time of the restores thats delaying the whole process.

Ankur Kumar