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Getting status 58 (can't connect to client) when backing up AIX clients

Level 4
I've recently moved the master server from one location to another location within the data center, and unfortunately, the new location is on different network switch, so the the master server ended up with new IP address. However, everything works out good with new IP address and same server name. Backups run ok for all Windows clients, but the AIX clients. For whatever reason, the three AIX clients keep failing with status code 58 (can't connect to client). I'm not very familiar with AIX, so I'm not sure what to check. I realize there is a file call bp.conf, and this is what in the file. Please keep in mind that only the IP address of master server has changed. The server name stays the same.

SERVER = LNUB01 (master server)
SERVER = LNUB02 (media server)
SERVER = LNUB03 (media server)
CLIENT_NAME = lnqx01 (server name)

Is there anything else that I need to check on the clients?

Level 6
DNS entries, purge the cached entries, , local hosts file, use bpclntcmd to determine the address resolutions.

How to verify name resolution for Veritas NetBackup (tm) systems, using the "bpclntcmd" command was edited by:
Bob Stump

Level 4
First and foremost,,,,see if you can ping the server from the client....could be somewhere hardcoded the old ip to the hostname.

Level 6
Verify the Client is communicating properly:

* bpclncmd -ip --> from both client and server
* bpclntcmd -hn --> from both client and server
* bpclntcmd -pn --> from client only
run bpcoverage -c clientname to verify connectivity.
run nslookup hostname and nslookup IP adress to verify dns is working.
insure the media servers name is in the client bp.conf
telnet to client to verify netbackup client telnet clientname bpcd
You can also ftp a large file from the client to the
media server to verify connectivity and speed.

Definitely as Bob said clear the cache. Use arp to see if everything matches.

Level 4
I was able to get the issue fixed, and it had to do with the DNS and the new IP address.

I did try to purge the DNS like 3 times, and that didn't help. However, when I issued the nslookup against the new IP address, I would get the error that can't find the IP address: non-existent domain. I contacted the Telecom people, and they created a reverse pointer in the DNS, and it fixed the problem.