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How restoring from StandAlone tape inventory?

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Our old library is broke and we replace it with a new.

Before decomissioning the old library, I imported the tape inventory to a Standalone drive. Once done , I installed the new library and with new tapes.

Now I have a restore to do and Netbackup need to tapes from the old library which they are in the Standalone ''drive''

I inserted them in the new library but netbackup dosent recognized the tapes, I mean able to read the barcode but nothing else, like a blank tape...

The new library is a LTO7 and the old tapes in the Standalone are LTO5.

does I need to recreated them, import in the new one?

See the screenshot


old lib.jpgnew lib.jpg


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this may help:

HPE tape library mixed media guide:

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LTO7 drives can read LTO5 tapes - so that should be ok.

The new library is showing 8 characters for the barcode, the old library showed 6 - this may make NBU see the 'old' tape as a new tape, because the barcode is different.

Unfortunately - AA1234L7 is different than AA1234 ...

The meida IDs are the first six chaacters in both old and new, so that should be fine.

For one of the tapes that you need for the restore (eg 010021 ???) what do these two commands show

vmquery -m <media id>

bpmedialist -m <media id>

Can you explain what error or message you see.

here the screenshot for both commands


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We also need to see how NBU adds the same tape when you put it in the robot.

As Martin said - it seems that the old robot only read 6 characters and the new one all 8. Including the L# at the end.

If the full barcode is 010273L5 then NBU is probably adding it as new media id 0273L5, right?

If this is what is happening, you need to delete the newly added incorrect media id.
Next, update the barcode from cmd for correct media-id containing the valid images:
vmchange -m 010273 -barcode 010273L5
Put tape in robot and Inventory.

To restore, change the density for one L7 to hcart2 to allow NBU to use the drive to read hcart2 media.

Hi Marianne, thanks to taked the time and expertise on this issue.

I did a test barcode change on a almost expired tape, just to be sure to not mess something on the two tapes that I need for my restore.

I inserted the tape in the robot + inventory and yes now I'm able to see everything on this tape.

I'm wondering how/where I could change one of my LT7 drive HCART to HCART2?

Never did before :(



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Double click the drive in the GUI > Properties - option to change the density.  Will need to restart ltid on the media servers to pick up the change.

That's what I tryed but I dont have any options...


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No idea why the density/type in the GUI is blank...

You may want to try from cmd.

Firstly - run 'tpconfig -d' to identify the tape drive that you want to change. 
The number on the left is the index number.

Use tpconfig command to change the density to hcart2, e.g. 
tpconfig -update -drive -index <#> -type hcart2

Remember to restart NBU Device Management Service.

Once the restore is done, you may want to change the density back.