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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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AntiMalware can't connect to host

Hello, i'm working on NBU 10.1.1 and i've installed two scan hosts with the relative agents, on Windows. I've defined the scan pool and the credentials in the webui, installed OpenSSH on the hosts and extracted the ssh-keys for the credentials.When i...

Netbackup Windows Disaster Recovery to new server

HelloWe are wanting to perform a Hardware Refresh for our Windows 2012R2 Dell server which we have our Netbackup environment (this server serves as both master/media). We have 2 quantum LT06 libraries in the environment.We have bought a new d...

bc1410 by Level 5
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Migrate images in tape to a new primary server

Hello,is there a way to migrate the catalog infos about the images on tape to a new primary server?We would like to change the hostname of the new backup server (primary and media server) and also the OS from Windows to RH Linux. I don’t have to move...

Lumpi by Level 4
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can't unsubscribe policy in nbu appliance

can't unsubscribe policy in nbu  web appliance 3.1.2.some  vmware virtual  machines  have   a policy in web appliance.I need to cancel thoes policies.So,  I click unsubscribe the policy  in the web appliance.but it doesn't  have any effect.Is there a...


Resolved! BMR - failed to create bootable iso image Windows

Hi,I'm using NBU v. on windows server 2012.A windows server 2019 is my boot server, which is registered under NBU.I can create a SRT image with BMR.When I want to create an iso image from that SRT, I received this error :"An error occured whi...

vCenter plugin register but certificate error

Hello,i'm trying to register the NBU10.1.1 plugin in a vCenter 7+ from the command line. I'm working on an appliance (5250) with 5.1.1 MR1 SP2 latest firmware. When i try to register the plugin with the command vwcp_manage using the option --acceptVC...

High disk space usage - tried manual reclaim

Hi,Disk space usage is high on my PureDisk media server, I've checked and on disk I currently should have less than 1TB of data used for Copy 1 however after doing manual reclaim (processqueue + garbage collection then processqueue twice), only recla...

unkn0wnn by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup Client Network Statistics

Dears, Is there a way to check generate TCP statistics a specific client, something similar to the below, without running NBSU. NBSUPPORT Network Statistics:TCP Statistics ActiveOpens                        =115892 PassiveOpens                      =...

Hamzah by Level 3
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Resolved! Oracle Restore

We are restoring an oracle rac to a new oracle rac in the DR.Trying to bplist the images of the production RAC results in an no entity was found when i try to list from anywhere but the Production RAC nodesNo.Restrictions file is created under /usr/o...

Resolved! NetBackup IT analytics

I have few questions/enquiries regarding NetBackup IT analytics,** our environment is cluster NB (Two master server active/passive) with five media servers (3 windows / 2 linux)1- Is it better to install portal server on Windows or Linux, in case of ...

Hamzah by Level 3
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Resolved! Failed to create XBSA object - 3

Hello, I am trying to run a postgresql backup in a Linux environment and i'm getting error message"Failed to create XBSA object - 3"Does anyone know how to solve this?----------------------------------------------------------------LOG----------------...

Netbackup Kops not delete snapshot volume on vSphere

Hi allI did install success netbackupkops on OpenShift v4.13 , I create a protection plan for backup pvc (keep snapshot 2 hours after run), anything work normal but when snapshot expires it only delete snapshot on OpenShift but not delete on vSphere ...

hoanbc by Level 2
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Sun OS 5.10 maximum supported netbackup version

Hi All, We are planning for the client upgrade,Please help me with the compatibility with the below OS and NBU versions. SunOS(5.9) and NBU version and NBU version 6.5Windows2008(6) and NBU version 7.1Windows2012(6) and NBU version ...

thumms4 by Level 0
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Resolved! Legacy SQL backup policy

Dears,I have a confusion regarding NetBackup for SQL using Legacy SQL Policy, What is the correct way to backup SQL databases and Logs and truncate the logs afterwards.1-  is it possible to include two scripts in the backup policy  first one for full...

Hamzah by Level 3
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Intallation Netbackup

Hi all,I cannot install Netbackup on my Windows server. There are errors while creating the database, how can I solve this issue?

Defining Malicious Behavior on NBU

Hi Admins, hope everyone's well.Student coming from the side of security, currently working on a project with Veritas NetBackup. I'm designing some indicators to alert on malicious behavior in the context of the SW [Using Endpoint Detection and Respo...