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How to properly use CLEANUP_MEDIA_SERVER_MAP option

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My you be so kind to explain how to properly use the option described in this technote:

Here is the purpose and description of this entry or option taken from this article:

Issue:  When multiple media servers have credentials to access a storage server, a media server is selected for performing image cleanup (nbdelete) based on media server load balancing. It is possible to have a remote media server that has credentials (connected by a WAN link) being selected to perform cleanup which would be extremely slow.
Point Solution:
On NetBackup 7.0.1, it is possible to allocate specific media server to run image cleanup for specific disk media id (associated with a specific disk volume) using a configuration file named CLEANUP_MEDIA_SERVER_MAP located at /usr/openv/netbackup/db/config or Install_Path\Veritas\NetBackup\db\config on master server.
So the question is:
What to do :)
Where should I create touch file CLEANUP_MEDIA_SERVER_MAP???
Should it be created on the exact server to be used for credentils logon when cleanup occurs and be some kind of a trigger?
Or should I create this touch file on master-server and put an entry of media-server???
Very confusing explanation.
May you be so kind to make it clear for me.
Best Regards, AlChie

Level 4


This file needs to be located on the master server (most likely will require a restart).

As for the format, I can only guess that it would be similar to this:

media_server      disk_media_id (format like @aaaaa)