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How to take backups of oracle database

Level 5
I have AIX server with the oracle agent install on it
How do i take backup of it?
Do i just need to take the normal backup by taking policy type as oracle ? what will be in backup selection list?
Do i need to make sure database is shut down before the backups are taken ? If yes how can i do that, as we dont want to shut donw manually all the time
What about the restore when i need to restore whole database or single file of that database?

Level 6

There are two ways to do this, the easy and the recommended one, everything depends of the size of your DB.

First option is just to dump the DB in to a folder with Oracle commands and later just run a File System backup of the Oracle box over the folder where the DB filers where dump.

Second option is to use Netbackup Oracle Agent, for this I will suggest to read the Netbackup Oracle Admin Guide ( here you not only need the Netbackup client and Agent install, you need RMAN and you will need to create an RMAN script which is going to trigger the bacups either localy with Cron, Autosys, Control-M or with Netbackup Scheduler, but you will need this script to tell netbackup how to connect and which DB's to backup, also you will need to split this in two policies one for the DB and other for the Transactional Logs, this is just a general overview, please review the Admin Guide and let us know if you have any more questions.


Level 6

Chris has the agent, so I'd use the agent but you must read the admin guide as Omar pointed out above, it cant really be covered in a few lines. Suffice to say you end up with a policy type oracle and (in our case) template (.tpl) a kind of script that manages the backup (online , or hot in your case). You might also choose to employ an rman database to keep track of your backups. Thats another oracle db ,potentially. You'll need to think about backing that up also, possibly with an export.

Then think about disaster recovery.

It's a complex subject. 

Its not the only way to do it, especially if you have snapshotting capabilities.

Level 6

The DBAs have the responsibility to ensure that the initial (hot) backup is carried out to disk (either local or nfs mount to filer). This backup is then put through NetBackup as a 'normal' filesystem type save the following day.

We also follow the same route for our SQL d/b's - the only agent/option we employ is NDMP so we have to workaround everything else!

Level 6
Save money, and save me from being involved in any restores!

I have my dba's write a script that does an oracle backup to a disk  /backup....
then I go behind them and modify the script to check that the disk part worked.
If it failed send email to dba's that disk backup failed.
if it worked add commands to do a user backup of the /backup dir to tape.

If they need to do a quick restore or close the database, they have a current copy on disk, no reason to talk to me.

if I have to restore, I just restore to disk, and they take over,  no fancy configuration on my part to get the backup and restore to work, and the dba's can do what they do best, and restore the database without having to go through me.

Level 6
Number one issue is the recovery requirements.
There are many different backup solutions available but the "best" one is the one that meets the recovery requirements.