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MSDP Space Reclaim - SLP Images

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Hi all,

I have a problem with my MSDP, it is almost full, I was looking for a solution and found it to list all images on my MSDP and this list contains aome line that start with FRAG, as you can see in file attached.

This line with FRAG can be delete from catalog?

It is a fragment of orphaned jobs?




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each backukp images contains the fragemetns.. it can be defined by listing the files from MSDP, we need to compare the files/images with netbackup catalog  to define it.

if MSDP is full..follow the below steps

1) make sure image cleanup in Netbackup and Process queue in MSDP is happening without any issues.

2) identifiy if there are any images that can be expired , if yes expire them( Remember all data in MSDP in dedup data... exping images does not gareenty the space if data has refrerences from valid images,  so try to identify the unique kind of data expire) only your company data retenction policy allow it.

once you expire the images run the process queue in MSDP twice. 

3)identify what are the clients occupying more space and validate the backup requirement for those and make sure they are in backups only if they need to have backups... ( Exclude lists helps a lot in this case)

4) if you have mulitple MSDP try to send similer data to same MSDP ( ex :- all FS backups to one MSDP all DB backups ot another MSDP) it will help to get more duduplication and reduce the data foot prints.

5) identifiy if any client is not giving good dedup, if yes see if you can move them to non dedup storage

if all these are performed and still have the space issue.. them its time to increase the capacity.

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Every backup image is made up of a numbe fragments. The fragments sizes are determined by the settings on the storage units, so you'd see a fragment on a MSDP would be different than a fragment on a tape.

If you use bpimagelist -l you'll actually see that the total of all the FRAG sizes are equal to the size of the image. You can read up on the output of bpimagelist here

As for the MSDP being full, you'd get the best result by duplicating an entire subset of data e.g. SQL off of it, and then expiring all the SQL images. Reducing retention times does not make much of a difference.