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This is regarding the MSEO encription option . Is there any way to verify the image/ media has been encripted or not.
I know only one option that is by checking in the event logs .  Apart from this is there any other way ...

Netbackup Version : 7.0
MSEO version :  6.1.4

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bpmedialist -m <mediaid>
Status should say encryption

in gui
tape reports
Images on tape
put in media id
add column Encrypted and Encryption Key tag

deactivate your key to a status that will not allow reading
then try to restore the tape - won't work if it is encrypted with no active key

(I do kms - hardware encryption - so the encrypted column says no, but the key tag shows.  And I took away my kms dir so I had no keys, and I was not able to read the tape)

Not able to find out... As

Not able to find out...

As per your message it may work only for the default policy encription but this won't show if we do a Encription by MSEO..

Asked and answered

Check this previous thread about MSEO - I think it will answer your question:

Thanks Chris, I gone throght

Thanks Chris,

I gone throght this earlier but i didn't understood .....