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Moving NBU 8.1.1 from one server to another

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My company bought a new server.  How to optimal moving NBU 8.1.1 from one server to another ? NBU Catalog, Policies, two media servers, Robots Tape Libarary ?  Storage will be different - the two raid array of this new server.  

I think it 's easier to make a new installation.  Do I need to change secure tokens on clients and how?



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It will be easier to move existing catalogs and configs to the new server.

When the new master has the same hostname and disaster recovery package and catalogs have been recovered (as per NBU documentation) the security certificates will be recovered as well. 

What is the 'Storage' used for? 
Or just NBU installation and catalogs? 



Old Storage was Advanced and  the part of disk array  of HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array MSA2000 ( Fiber channel interface).

New sroradge - simple raid array with SATA disks in  LSI raid-controller AVAGO SMC3108  ( card  PCI-E).

If I create RAID 6 it will be enough in terms of write speed than RAID 10?  I  don 't want to lose half the drives in RAID 10.

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I do not personally have experience with your new storage, but Raid-6 is acceptable for backup storage.
Even NBU appliances uses Raid-6 for dedupe storage.

To migrate to new server and storage, I suggest the following: 

Before intended cutover, ensure ALL images on Advanced Disk have been duplicated to tape. 
Expire all disk images (important to only expire disk copies) and remove Advanced Disk config from NBU config.

Run catalog backup and recover on new server. 
Re-run device config on new server to re-add robot and drives (paths would probably be different). 
Add new storage to NBU as Advanced Disk or MSDP. Update policies and/or SLPs with new STU. 


Using catalog backup and recovery to transfer NetBackup catalogs between Windows master servers as part of a hardware refresh

I decided to make a new installation. I was able to configure the same client in  two master servers. I added certificate and token  from the new master to the  old client succesffully and create new policy in new master. Its work. Speed of backup  to storage with RAID-6 was 50 MB/sec. Its good for me.

Now I need to connect two old  media servers with  their storages to the new master server. Can I do it like I did with a client ?

I added media servers in tab Host Properties for  Master server and  added certificates and token  from the new master  to one media server.  I restarted all services on master and media servers  but I dont see media server in tab Host Properties Media server  and dont see them in Media and Device Management >Devices >Media Servers .

Command on media server   nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose 

show me my new master server successfully

Command  nbemmcmd -getemmserver  does not show my second master server.

How to assign or reassign  my new second master server  to old media server. For me it is possible migrate media server to new master and deactivate it in old master server , forever.   


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So, you decided not to accept advice and do your own thing...... 

It is not as easy with media servers - all the device config for the media servers sits within EMM database on the old master, as well as the image catalog for the backup images on the media servers' storage.

A media server can only have on master and EMM server.

If you followed advice to recover catalog on new master server, all would be sorted, with all configuration and image catalog on new master. 

Best now is to re-install NBU on the media servers and add the new master as EMM server and master server.
Configure the Media Server storage on the new master (you did not say what type of Storage on the media servers). 
Import all the images on media server storage.