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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup Tape DR(locate offsite) Planning

We're planning to move backup tape every Wednesday offsite as a part of DR planning. As I'm still new to netbakcup with volume pool, not sure how I can achieve moving tapes every week. And below is our current backup setting. Basically, the policy is...

Backup Oracle keep connection status

Hi everyone,Good day, i just want to know, how netbackup progress backup oracle database, because i have issue my job backup details keep connecting, i'm not sure that mean keep connecting, 1 server oracel have many instance, the rest instance succes...

Re: Missing files/folders from a VMware backup

Hi,My master server is at version 8.2 my client is at version 8.1.1.I'm seeing seemingly the same issue but where I can't browse to any directories under the top level "ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES" in the JAVA GUI for the following Linux system, where the "ls -...

The difference between the bprestore -t 17 and brrestore!

Could I use the bprestore -t 17 instead of the brrestore?And what difference between the two methods of SAP restore ?Of course, the precondition of this question is the backup source was through the standard SAP policy with the sap_online_backup scri...

liuyl by Level 6
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watch-vox - in powershell...

I'm ever so sorry :\        but I couldn't stop myself :p...if you want to run it, then :1) save the code somewhere as "watch-vox.ps1"2) run it using :powershell -file watch-vox.ps1...anyway, here's the script :#######################################...

sdo by Moderator
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NetBackup REST output different from OpsCenter

I get wildly different results between OpsCenter and NetBackup's REST service, when I expect similar results. In OpsCenter, I define a report like so:policy_type != 'VMWARE'job_type = 'BACKUP'between Aug 1 and Sep 1select TOP 100 START AT 1 adjust_ti...

scarty by Level 2
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Unable to Restore the data from LTO4 Tapes

Hi Team,we are unable to restore the data from old LTO4 tapes and have tried below options.quick help would be really appreicated.1. Changed the Density which matches the archived Tape 2. Tried all possible ways with the NBU and tape libraries like r...

naari11 by Level 2
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Resolved! Identify list of tape used for backup

Hi All, I am looking for the list of media used in backup jobs. e.g.I have executed SQL job where there are multiple streams and different job IDs  for each DB but need to identified all media list used for complete job. may be using parent  job ID. ...

Extract Jobs from the Activity Jobs

Hi all,I'm trying to extract the jobs for a given day, so I can tell the number of jobs based on the status (0=Succeeded, >1=Failed, None=Runing)To do so, I copy the jobs for a day, and past them into an Excel sheet. And with some basic filters, I go...

Resolved! How to use LTO6 and LTO8 Drives simultaneously

Hi,We bought 4 LTO8 drives and we have 4 LTO6 drives in our robotic Oracle SL3000.We need to affect LTO8 drives for server backups and LTO6 drives for NDMP.I understand that it's impossible to determine what drive to use in SU.If i define LTO6 tapes ...

MatBams by Level 4
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How to make 100% sure that hostname of NBU server wasn't changed

HelloI am about to inherit some NBU domains and wanted to make sure no one was playing around with hostname change on these NBU master servers.I will for sure check the nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose but is there anything else I can check to make sure ...

quebek by Moderator
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Resolved! VM backup accelerator not work if policy name changed

Dear Sirs,I have 5 backup policies to handle VM backup to control it started in different days.(eg. Server1 is run on Mon, Server2 is run on Tue, Server3 is run in Wed, etc ...)Just found the VM backup accelerator will not work if I move Server2 from...

Exchange Granular restore from this image may not work

Hello Everyone ,   I want to backup Microsoft Exchange DB with Granular restore option, So after configuring the Policy on Netbackup , I installed NFS on my Exhange Server 2013. after running the policy and successfuly backing up all the mailboxes I ...

Netbackup Catalog Restore 8.1.2

  Hi All , i Have Master server Failure 8.1.2 Windows 2012R2 Stand Alone installation VMMedia Appliance 5230 8.1.2Attached Tape Library to Media Appliance Catalog Backup is encrypted at Tape , DR file with me Master server is Down .what is the Steps ...

exchange browse database is null

hi all,when ı want to backup exchange 2016 ,ı cant browse database under information store from exchange policy.netbackup verison 8.0exchange version is 2016 version 15.1server version is 2016 windows standartım usinng exchange administrator account ...