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Multiple Data Streams in Version 7


Just a quick question about NetBackup Version 7.

Does version 7 support backing up more than one client within 1 policy at a time to disk?

We currently have about 70 clients, with ~60 within 1 policy. All of them go straight to tape but we would like to start going Client -> Disk -> Tape during the day. With the idea that going to Disk overnight will be faster than going to tape freeing up some time at night.

From my understanding, versions before 7 would queue up the servers to backup to disk via Disk Staging and do it one after the other. Form the Version 7 admin guides it states - "The Multiplexing and Allow Multiple Data Streams options also allow backup policies to be processed in parallel." Does this mean it can do what we require? Or does that mean that it will only do different policies simultaniously, rather than different clients simultaniously.

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You should to check "Maximum

You should to check "Maximum concurrent jobs" property in Disk Staging storage unit configuration.
If "Limit jobs per policy" in policy properties is not set NB will start as many jobs as DSSU's "Maximum concurrent jobs".