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Mutiple backup image expiry date change

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Hi All,

How can extend the expiry date for multiple backup images. When we run backup with mutilstream we get multiple backup id for one client. Please advise how can I change in one go...


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Where were backups written to? If tape, and all backups on same tape, you can change expiration date for media-id. This will change all images on the tape.

If on disk, then you can only change one image at a time.
Scripting is the only way you can do it in one go.

I have images are on both disk and tape. How can I find the media Id and extend them. I have to do for many clients. Please advise.

simplest way would be go to Catalog in the NetBackup console and search with either policy name or client name and you will have the list of backupids and media ids..

If it jus a couple of backupids which you already have handy you can also run bpimagelist command with the backupid switch and it will give you information regarding the media where the image is present

Ok. Thank you. How can I change the media retention period. Can I get only second copy images Id on tapes?

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It is not possible to give you correct exact commands to use because we are not sat in front of your terminal.  All we can offer is that you should be able to:

1) identify the image IDs from the "Catalog" function of the GUI, or identify the image IDs from the CLI using the bpimagelist command and/or the bpimmedia command, and then reading and understanding and reviewing the output from those commands to then decide upon and select which copy numbers of the required image IDs, and then to use those image IDs and copy numbers in step 2...

2) then use bpexpdate on either whole tapes, or on a per image basis.


The NetBackup v8.0 Commands Reference guide is here:


You appear to be new to NetBackup... my advice:

tip 1:  do not attempt to change the expiry date without reading the associated commands and researching on the internet and in this forum - if you dive in without understanding what it is you are doing then you risk losing your backups.

tip 2:  test and practice on a backup image that you can afford to loose. 

Ok . Thank you.

In such cases, I write bpexpdate command for each image with force option in one file and give that file a execute permission.

file should be as follows;

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpexpdate -backupid image1 -d "date n time" -force

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpexpdate -backupid image2 -d "date n time" -force

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpexpdate -backupid image3 -d "date n time" -force


Then I execute this file with ./