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NBD Backup (Backup stream) Fails with 6 and 23.

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I am facing a peculiar issue and it looks like connectivity issue but actually NOT.

We have a esx cluster with 2 nodes. Node 1 and Node 2. Backups are failing for the Node 2, if we move those VMs to Node 1, those are succeeding. 

We have done the following things already, 

ESXi server restart

Tried with other backup hosts

Cleared the host cache and bpvmutil 

Interchanged the IPs of Node 1 and Node 2 


NO LUCK, Please suggest..

Generic error message..

Error bpbrm (pid=XXXX) from client CLIENT: ERR - Error opening the snapshot disks using given transport mode: nbd Status 23
Critical bpbrm (pid=XXXX) from client CLIENT: FTL - cleanup() failed, status 6
Error bptm (pid=XXXX) media manager terminated by parent process
Critical bpbrm (pid=XXXX) unexpected termination of client CLIENT
the backup failed to back up the requested files  (6)

From the Network level testing, we came to know that the backup host rejects the connection from Node 2. Exactly not clue why its rejecting. We added the Node 2 host entry in backup host.



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Can you confirm that you have TCP connection between NetBackup and problematic host?
You'll need 443 (Backup Host-vCenter) for initiating the backup and 902 (ESXi-Backup Host) for NBD backups.

Also, make sure that the NetBackup servers (master, media & backup hosts) can properly resolve the vCenter and the ESXi.

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How did you config NBU credentials?
To vCenter or directly to ESX server?