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NBU AIR Queries

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Hi Guys,

We need to use the NBU AIR to backup the Prod site to a DRS site. I have below queries if someone can please assist:

1) NBU Source to Target SLP policies replicate the storage from site 1 to DRS once a day - whats the recommended frequency if a dedicated link is used for the replication?

2) In the event of a failure Master server at DRS site will be used to recover the clients/vms

3) Once the primary is backup - how do we bring up the vms/clinets at primary site backup with the latest copy of data? Can we use NBU to AIR back the current copy to primary site?



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  1. SLPs will try and run directly after the backup (if the min duplication size is met). If you do not want them to run directly after backups you can open a specfic window for them to run. As for a recommended frequency, there is none, its up to your organizations requirement, how frequently you do backups, RPO, RTO, the size of the data set, and the available bandwidth. If you've got more data and less bandwidth the window needs to be longer or you'll keep falling behind. If the data is less and you have a lot bandwith then you can have a smaller window.
  2. Not sure about your question here.
  3. You can replicate back, but its a command line driven process using nbreplicate for each image. It would be easier for you to simply replicate the VM's using VMware/Hyper-V and then bring it online. It would be preferable to work with the primary copy (VM that is running) than the backup copy.

Thank you for the reply. I am bit new to this if you dont mind can I ask few more questions:

We have about 20+ Vms - that we need to backup the storage to the backup site.

1) We are planning to have a master server at both the Main Site and the backup site. Does the Master server has to be installed on a particular VM or can we just install a new windows server for the master server?

2) Do we need the media server here in this deployment? What are the differences between Master and Media Server?

3) The clients get installed on the actual VMs we are backing - correct?

4) What if the main site has version 8 and the backup site has version 7.1 - will these work or should be upgrade the 7.1 to 8?

5) Are you able to please summarise the complete process - how the replication will work and what do we need to do if the main site goes down to bring the vms back online?

Thanks for your help

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  1. Master can be installed on physical or virtual and on any supported operating system.
  2. The need for a media server depends on the amount data to backup. In small environments it is possible to co-locate both functions in 1 server. The master server is responsible for initiating/scheduling backups, and maintaining the catalog of all backups. The media server is responsible for placing (and retrieving) data received from the clients on the backup storage mediums (tape, disk, etc).
  3. To backup a VM you don't need a client unless there is an application like SQL, Exchange, etc on the VM i.e you're just backing up the vm and its file BUT if you want to perform a restore of any files directly to the client (VM) then you need agent/client software installed on it.
  4. 7.1 is not supported anymore. You need to upgrade 7.1 to 8.0
  5. You've not specified what type of backup appliance you'll be using so not possible yet.