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NBU Duplication Run Time Issue Via WAN - another way ?

Level 3


Hoping that you can help us find a solution to problem we are having getting the first backup duplicated from remote MSDP nodes to the central MSDP node.


Background info:

We have 15+ (more to come) remote sites that NBU is getting deployed to on new hardware, we are going with pure disk based storage so no tape in this setup.

Each site will have its own media server on site set up has a MSDP node, the backups for the site will first go to this pool and then will be duplicated to us centrally via a SLP to be retained for longer.


Out of the sites we have built, we have 5 that we are struggling to get the first backup duplicated to us via the WAN; the duplication process for these sites started on or around the 26th December 2014, we are now a month on and still havn't got the first backup duplicated to us via the WAN.

This is now going to start causing due to the deployment of NBU going hand in hand with our migration awaye from Server 2003 to Server 2012.

I did raise the option of bringing the server(s) back from the remote site and letting the duplication happen with it plugged directly into the core network but the logistics of doing this means it is a last resort from the business pov.

Another option that was mentioned was we build a "roaming" MSDP node that we send to site that is having the issue and set off a fresh backup and instead of having the dupication aim at the central MSDP node we point it to the roaming MSDP node - this bit I understand.

The bit I don't undertand is how we get the backup image off this roaming MSDP node and onto the central MSDP node when we get this server back to us .

Could anyone provide the steps needed in order for this to work or help guide ?




Level 3

Got a response from out support partners who advise the following so i am leaving it here incase it helps anyone else. Little bit of tweaking and it will do what we need.

Graphical method :


Step 1 : In the NetBackup Administration Console, click Catalog :



Step 2 :

Action : select Duplicate

Disk type : select PureDisk

Disk Pool : select your first MSDP

Time Range : select the good date

Click  Search Now



Step 3 :

Select all backup and right click

Select Duplicate


Step 4 :

Select Storage Unit (second MSDP)

Select Retention

Click OK


Step 5 :

Follow duplication on Activity Monitor (could take a while)



Command line method :

bpimagelist : to find all backup on your first MSDP

bpduplicate : to copy those backup on second MSDP

bpexpdate : to expire backup