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NetBackup 8.1 Exchange GRT backup Partial success

Level 2

Looking to see if this is a known issue. 

Installed Exchange 2016 on a new 2 server environment and Database backups are reporting GRT processing Failed.

Support believes this is related to a MS Jet Database error message:

     jet error OPEN DATABASE FAILED: -1022

Result is inconsistent ability to browse/restore granular Exchange database data from full backups.

I have not seen any tech notes and no Escalation manager has been assigned but this has been open since October.


Level 6

Is the problem intermittent? We have an open engineering escalation - ET 3973251 - that involves the same error. In my analysis in that case, everything in NetBackup worked well right up to the point of invoking Jet to open the Exchange database using our backup image. Since Jet is a black box to us, we do not have more internal information on what is wrong.

The failure in ET 3973251 is intermittent. It doesn't happen all the time. When it occurs, it doesn't happen for all the databases in the policy. Rerunning the backup succeeds. Does this describe your situation? If so, ask your Veritas Support engineer to add your case to the escalation.

I had this escalation in engineering until I had a medical event that took me off-line for a time. A colleague has the case now. It's been stuck in information gathering for a while.


Thank you for your reply.

I provided that information and never heard from an escalation case manager.  All communications came from the TSE.

Finally, the case has been closed since October 2019. 

The issue is apparently due to our environment.  No further action is being taken by support.

I also did find out no support case was opened with microsoft, which kind of suprises me.

I'll see what I can do from here.

If the problem is intermittent, we now have EEB's for 3 versions of NetBackup: 7.7.3 (3973251), 8.1 (3992265), 8.1.2 (3996205).

If the problem is not intermittent, but occurs every time, then the EEB won't help. They change the backup status from 1 to 6 so that NetBackup automatically retries the backup (bpbkar32) part of the job set. If the problem is solid, I suggest looking for interference with your antivirus or endpoint protection software on either the media server or the Exchange client.

I apologize for your case getting closed in October. I was actively working on ET 3973251 when I had a heart attack on September 25. (My recovery is going well - 6 months tomorrow - but it took until January to get back up to speed.)

I do believe the problem is environmental. I suspect that eseutil has I/O performance expectations that either the media server or NFS can't keep up with. In the cases I've looked into, the problem occurs during busy times and the retry succeeds.


Sorry i worded my reply wrong.  I had the case open since October 2019 and it was just recently closed.

I did try EEB 3992265  but it just marked the jobs status 6 and made the jobs completely unrecoverable.

Thank you for the ideason the server performance.  I will check that as well.

I am glad you are doing well.  I cant' imagine it is easy getting back to "normal" life after that.



I have replied to Otto-snhu in a private message.

If others are experiencing the problem, please tell your Exchange and NetBackup versions and whether the problem is intermittent or consistent. If your problem is intermittent and your NetBackup version is 7.7.3, 8.1, or 8.1.2, you can ask Veritas Support for an EEB.