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NetBackup How to Pause duplication to avoid WAN link utilization.

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Dear Team,

I am trying to search How to Pause or Suspend duplication job during business hours and after business hours finished again Resume same job again.

Purpose : During Business hour backup don't use WAN link.

Environment : 

Master : NetBackup 8.1.2  (Windows 2012)

Media : NetBackup 8.1.2  (Windows 2012) (PureDisk)

Off-site Media : NetBackup 8.1.2  (Appliance) (PureDisk)

I tried to configured SLP with customize time window, its working fine, but during Pause WAN link utilization not released.

It will released after SLP cancelled.

So, searching solution WAN link will not utilized during Pause window.

If this will possible by using any script, please suggest.

Thank you in advance.


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NBU will be replicating per backup image level - so if replication/duplication window closed - depending on setting Window close behavior: finish processing the active images or Cancel the processing of the active images - if you choos cancel - then it should have stopped...

see attached picwindows-close.png

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As per @quebek 's screenshot, there is no 'Pause' or 'Suspend' option.  Your only option is 'cancel' if you want replication to stop when the window closes.

You may want to submit a 'Request for Enhancement' to Veritas Product Management. 

The way to do that is to get hold of the local Veritas SE in your country. 
If you don't know who the SE is, reach out to your local Veritas Partner to initiate the process. 

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As a workaround - You could try to configure smaller SLP batches, so there is a higer chance SLP processing will finish after SLP windows closes. This will not prevent one giant image from starting replication just before windows closes, as SLP cannot break down singles images into parallel replications.

maximim size per batch job is the paramter you are looking for,

Hi Nicolai, 

Thanks for providing the related document, I will try set best parameter and will test it.