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NetBackup Media Server v10.3 as an instance on a v4.0 Flex Appliance 5250 one shelf

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Hello Forum,

It's been while... and so I trust everyone is doing well :)

I've been given the task of configuring two new empty (one shelf : circa 65TB) 5250 Flex Appliance.  Two sites.  I will also asap/eventually configure SLP based replication - but I have some experience, so I should be okay with those facets.

Each Flex 5250 at each site will contain one Primary instance and one Media instance.

The Media instance will be configured with one MSDP pool, and three LTO9 drives in a library.

And I think I've got all that configured okay so far - FYI, I have some prior experience with NetBackup (up to v8.3).

But... my worry/concern/doubt... around "buffers" ?

I've found the "Flex Appliances Best Practices Guide" and I've noted the 5250 "mtstrmd" recommended setting for MaxConcurrentSessions of 9... which is fair enough... but... because it's been a while... and because I'm actually also a bit oldskool...

Can I ask... are there any recommendations these days regarding:  1) network buffer size    2) tape buffer count and size     3) disk buffer count and size     -     all for a NetBackup v10.3 Media Server instance inside a Flex 5250 Appliance v4.0.x.

Thank you.



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Ok - so I've found the technote :

...which effectively says don't mess with NET_BUFFER_SZ.

Any tips for SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS (and _DISK) and NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS (and _DISK) for an instance of NetBackup v10.3 Media Server in a 5250 Flex Appliance v4.0.x ?

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Disk buffers I would leave alone and see how it is.

Tape defaults are way out (SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS / NUMBER_DATA_BUFERS), I think 64K and 32 from memory.

You have multiple combinations, eg ....


64 / 131072
64 / 262144
64 / 524288

128 / 131072
128 / 262144
128 / 524288

256 / 131072
256 / 262144
256 / 524288

Ignore the '64' ones 

Run a test backup from the media server to itself (to avoid the network coming into play) - it needs to be big enough to 'get going' and avoid loads of tiny files - needs to run for a few mins and 'get up to speed'.

Try each of the 128 and 256 combinations and see which is best.