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NetBackup SharePoint agent

Is there anyone out there with a sizable, >500GB SharePoint environment that is doing GRT backups and restores using the NetBackup Agent for SharePoint?

I am attempting to implement this in our environment and am running into issues where some of the Site Content is receiving errors, (ERR - SharePoint granular restores from this image will not work.)

If you are using this successfully I'd like to speak to you becuase Symantec Support does not seem to be able to help me with this issue.



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Share the result in the

Share the result in the Activity Monitor of Veritas Netbackup Server

I would be most interested in

I would be most interested in this as well since our SP DB is about 1.5TB and we cannot compress because the quest tool being used for restores does not support the compressed DBs.  I was looking to try implementing SP GRT, but is there are issues, I may have to hold off.


What is your version of NBU?