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NetBackup status code 69 and 90 C:\ and Shadow Copy Components

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I´ve got an issue basically throughout a customer's environment. I see alot of MS-Windows jobs that failed with status 69 and 90 on C:\ and Shadow Copy
Excluelist include:
Shadow Copy Componets:\
System State:\

Backup selection:

EDIT1: Clients har mulitple drives C:, D: E:.
EDIT2: Client also uses DFSR, DFSR service is stoped prior to backup using bp_start and startede again when backup is finised.

Just to clearify, customers environment consist for multiple NBU domain:
Master servers - From 7.x to 8.1.1
Media servers - From 7.x to 8.1.1
Clients windows 2008-2012R2 with NBU client 7.x (No clients yet have 8.x)

I´ve looked at the VSS writers for a number of clients and all are in a stable state. No error in eventlog during backup.


Error seen on detailed log

Status 69 trying to backup Shadow Copy Components:\
09.jun.2018 12:58:35 - Error bpbrm (pid=10886) from client: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.INF - Estimate:-1 -1
09.jun.2018 12:58:36 - Warning bpbrm (pid=10886) from client: WRN - can't open object: Shadow Copy Components: (BEDS 0xE000FECB: A failure occurred accessing the backup component document.)
09.jun.2018 12:58:37 - Error bpbrm (pid=10886) from client: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.JBD - bpbkar waited 0 times for empty buffer, delayed 0 times.
09.jun.2018 12:58:49 - Info (pid=10892) StorageServer=PureDisk:; Report=PDDO Stats for (Client): scanned: 1 KB, CR sent: 0 KB, CR sent over FC: 0 KB, dedup: 100.0%, cache disabled
09.jun.2018 12:58:52 - Error bptm (pid=10892) media manager terminated by parent process
09.jun.2018 12:58:54 - Error bpbrm (pid=10886) could not send server status message
09.jun.2018 12:58:57 - Info bpbkar (pid=3584) done. status: 69: invalid filelist specification
09.jun.2018 12:58:57 - end writing; write time: 0:33:58
invalid filelist specification  (69)

Status 90 trying to backup C:\
1: (90) media manager received no data for backup image
2: (90) media manager received no data for backup image
3: (90) media manager received no data for backup image


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Guess the machines that fails only have a C: drive, which you have excluded. That explains the status 90.

The status 69 is usually either permission or configuration, do be aware that failed VSS things does not always log in the event logs. As the snapshots are made before the file list, the error will come even though shadow copy components is excluded.

The quick fix could be to remove these machines from the backup policy as they does not seem contain anything you want to back up.



The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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Hi Michael,

No, all servers in question has more than C: drive, even if it only had C: should not NBU complete the job with status 0 and approax 0kb backed up? I´ve updated initial post with this information.
I was able to get Status 0 backing up C:\ and Shadow Copy Compones with C:\* and Shadow Copy Components in exclude list. The only backup that ran was of System State. To me it seams that exclude list is not being honored.
NOTE!! I did remove System State from exclude list to mange this result.

Permission? NBU Client run with local system account. 
Any tips on how to troubbelshoot permission issue?

I´ve search and searched for information related to these issues, non that helped me so far. And most point back to windows VSS issues that I cannot find any evidence for on client.

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@kenneth_hansen1 wrote:To me it seams that exclude list is not being honored.

I believe I once saw that ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES indeed force the selection "Shadow Copy Components", ignoring that it was excluded. This was a problem for us once because the Windows machine in question had its own issues with VSS but we still wanted to include it with a bunch of other machines in a policy like yours.

In the end we had two choices: either we directly selected the drives we wanted to backup up (D:\, E:\, F:\, etc) with no ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, or we disabled the "Allow multiple datas streams" attribute in the policy.

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Hi Alexis,

I´ll have a go testing enable/disable mulitple stream.
Not using backup selection all_logical_drives is not an option, we are talking about hundreds of clients. It would be a pain maintaning spesific backup selection in alot of policies.